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1953-Gretsch Duo-Jet question


If you're gonna put a Bigsby on this guitar... there really is only one choice.


Ok... I'm familiar with that Carter's Jet. The claim that there's only one other that has the Gretsch logo plaque on the lower bout is hogwash. I've documented a few... not many were applied, but certainly more than two.

The holes near the tailpiece are remnants of a Bigsby B5 vibrato that was installed at some point. Here's a photo of that very guitar back when it had the after-market Bigsby.

– kc_eddie_b

Thanks for the photo and background info! Attached is a screen shot from Carter confirming what you mentioned. He also said the Melita Bridge is possibly a replacement, which could explain the gold/bronze/copper look. He said he’ll test the truss rod and is Offering $5850 plus shipping.


Here’s the fixed bridge on mine.


To be clear... the "fixed" aspect (posts set into the body) is one of the uncommon features you'll find a portion of this debut batch Jet group... but it is totally original. The fact that there's a gold Melita on there is suspect relative to originality. Mine looks just like NielDa's example.


About the truss rod...I've had three like it, so not a big sample size, but all worked perfectly. Backwards and square, but in my limited experience, nothing wrong with them.

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