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1-Tone Smoke Green Annie (?)



Thought my eyes were playing tricks, then thought that the back and sides faded but when you compare it to a standard 6118/25, it becomes clear: this is painted all over with the lighter green. The Bigsby is vintage, so possibly the black pg and surrounds are too. Don't care for the black surrounds, but the black pg compliments the black headstock. The mis-numbered model # on the label may be legit too.


On my screen, the back and sides looked faded, not painted over. The description notes the pick guard and surrounds are replacements. Also notes the guitar had one owner! Shoot the shop a message and ask.


I'm with Daddy Dog, on this one. I'd bet if you pulled that bigsby off, you'd see her true colors. The top looks uneven and faded especially where the strings cascade between the bridge and bigsby.


They also mention that the bridge is a replacement of the original Space Control but then this one looks much better! I would think the wooden bridge would give a slightly darker tone, perfect for jazz. The sides and back appear to be the original finish and to me sort of match the color of the top in some pics, but in others appears darker. Not sure how much fading the photography flash may have added here but for me, there isn't the stark contrast I expect to see in the two finishes.

Not in bad shape for its age but IMO, despite being a double, with a Bigsby and [sort of] two tone, the asking price is way north of it's value, given it isn't pristine.


I think the top is 5-10% lighter, but that would be expected from frontal exposure fading. Even given the discrepancies between monitors (not to mention crappy 72dpi/ppi resolution) this looks like a monochrome Annie.


On my screen I thought it looked black and blue. I had my wife look at it and she though it looked white and gold!


In my opinion this looks more like the clear nitro top coat yellowing over the ages, and the true colour being revealed where there is more wear and tear... you can see this especially on the back of the neck. The thicker build up of lacquer around the head/neck transition would bare this out, but I don't get why there is a lighter shade under the strings between the bridge and the Bigsby...That wouldn't get touched much apart from maybe over zealous cleaning!? Who knows how many coats of clear coat were put on in these years, or how evenly....the yellowing could be in 4 or 5 different shades depending on the thickness of the finish.


On my screen I thought it looked black and blue. I had my wife look at it and she though it looked white and gold!

– Craig B

That's funny!


$3K for a buggered HiLoTron Annie sure is optimistic.



I'm not keen on the surrounds or pickguard and the asking price is kind of ridiculous, but other than that what's 'buggered' about this guitar? Hilotrons are one of the best Gretsch pickups out there!


Changed bridge, pick guard and surrounds, added B6 (probably), and potentially some finish shenanigans. Price needs to be south of $2k.

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