Vince Ray's Kustom Korner

VR & The Boneshakers


I just was reminded - if you haven't checked out Vince's albums, his stuff really is great - it's a lot of fun! Love the art? Check out the music.

Boneshaker Baby is solid from back to front (Women, Liquor, Beer & Poker Dice got played a lot on my radio show), but it's all a lot of grungy rock and roll - great lyrics and licks.


That’s a great record but don’t stop there. Vince & The Boneshakers have other albums PLUS all the YouTube vids of his two other bands Loser Machine and Link Bat and the Bat Rays. The Bopflix videos are great. Some pretty impressive guitar playing.


this one kicks major arse, turn it way up (not on a shite iphone or laptop)


Well I'm absolutely chuffed as we say in England! Thanks for the thumbs up here, I'm lucky to have been able to release stuff on labels and am looking forward to doing more shortly.

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