Vince Ray's Kustom Korner

Sugar Baby


This is the latest in my projects... a 60's Tennessean that was abused prior to me getting it. i got it off ebay last year thinking it was a decent body to do a theme using the natural grain but once i took the tons of layers of paint off i saw why i got such a deal on it. The previous owners sanded so much off this thing. it doesnt have a label or a serial number where it would normally be, it looks to have been sanded off

so as far as i know its 60's but thats it. so given that i had to cover up some shoddy sand work, i decided to try out some kustom paint techniques but also a face (im normally really bad at faces) i love how it turned out but its not done yet, gonna try my hand out at pinstriping on the front. once i stripe it im going to assemble her so she'll be flat black with pinstrping and mostly gold hardware.


and after stipping it... they even sanded part of the binding off


how i got it

– Rattlecat

Now that's just sad.


Can't wait to see it finished. Along with the pinstripes and gold hardware, what pickups will you use?


Great work, Rattlecat!


Looks very cool! I would love to be able to do that.


Cool work a always sir!

At least it's going to have a second life now.


Thanks! As far as pickups I'm going to use regular filtertrons but I'm not going to cut the cavities, I'm just going to shorten the bottom of the screws on the bobbin that sits on the wood

If you look closely on the before picture, you can see that they even cleared over the fretboard. It was just a nasty mess



This is my first "real" pin striping job. I don't practice it as much as I would like but nonetheless I am pleased with how it came out


This was when I was about half way done. Literally finished striping it about an hour ago


Nice Pinstriping! You not only saved that guitar from a fate worse than death, you gave it another chance at life.


Done...ish, it's strung up but had a previous refret attempt so it's totally unplayable. So I'm gonna run it over to my friends shop for some new frets, then it will be done!


Looks great . Nice hot rod treatment.


I have a little trouble understanding the fascination with the whole skull/skeleton deal that has been so popular for some time now in clothing and in the rockabilly scene. (Except for Cinco de Mayo when it has always been used as a happy symbol of our mortality).

However, I have to say that this guitar is just beautiful. Wow.


Dang, you do some nice work. I don't usually like pinstriping except for Hot Rod Walts but that is very nice. The back is sweet.

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