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So this is an '05 anniversary I bought a few weeks back. I have been wanting to do Blonde's poncho on a Gretsch for a few years now but couldn't find the right canvas. This one popped up for a good price and I knew I had to! The only thing I would change is the hardware to gold by other than that it's great.


Who knew mixing yellow and black would give a really nice olive color.


I left the sides blank so as not to take away from the front. I also used the same technique as Aztec Gold in that I taped off the natural maple and sprayed really thinned out paint. That makes the olive still a little transparent. Finished her out in flat clear.


Here's the before just for our records


Very Cool! Love your work.


totally cool paint job but aaaaah man that sunburst was so nice. :)


totally cool paint job but aaaaah man that sunburst was so nice. :)

– TheNocturneBrain

That was my first thought, too.


You did that yourself? Nice! You switched out your space control saddle? What didn't you like about it? I was thinking of switching out a Tom bridge for one. Bad idea?


Love the uniqueness of your canvi[?]...

This is beyond cool! Much respect!


Another fine job, Rattlecat.


Too good! And what a great genre. Just watched Once upon a time in the west the other night. Wish the cinemas would play these film. they deserve a full screen being in cinemascope/anamorphic format



Edit - I think the chrome is the better choice here. Gold might have been too much.


Fantastic vision you have to be able to create these unique creations. This one is a real winner. I love the noose on the backside!......that's badass!!!

Another thing I really like about this particular project is, another tobacco sunburst goes bye bye! Gotta' love it!


Sunburst, shmunburst!

I really dig your work, man.


Thanks! All comments are welcome. I'm in the same school of thought in that sunbursts are a dime a dozen and fail to really wow me anymore. I'm a huge fan of westerns so this just kinda seemed like a no brainer.

As far as the bridge goes, I like space controls but I had an extra bar bridge lying around so I thought I'd try it out. So far it does have a nicer ring than the space control


That's cool....... and unique !


I must say, I'm a Fan of the sun burst models too, but that paint job looks Bad A**, GREAT job, 100% original for sure


That's great. I'd love to see a guitar painted in Arizona shades of orange, green, blue, red with Kokopelli on the body, turquoise fret markers.

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