Vince Ray's Kustom Korner

Some super fast striping


great artistry!



I did wonder if it was done with or without strings now I know.


That's seriously some Badass artistry! I don't normally like pin striping on guitars but you do great work, Walt!


He makes it looks so easy! How many miles of striping has he done to get to this point of fluidity? Walt---you're a master!


I have 342 official Hot Rod Walt Pinstriped Guitars for Gretsch........ and many many many " unofficial ones. BTW looks like I will be striping a "give away" guitar at the Nashville Roundup


Walt, you have more energy ( and talent ) than anyone I know. Between the gigging, travel, promotion, striping and hot rod building I can't figure out how you find time to eat and sleep.

That striping video is very cool. Thanks for sharing.


Somebody finally has more guitars than CBell!

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