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Paint question


Just got a cc and want to do pin up art of my wife on it. What is the best paint to use and any tips on prep?


Send Curt a PM, munman. He's our resident paint and finish expert.


I use One Shot enamels, same as the pin strippers. They're pretty tough but can be marked if the guitar gets heavy usage. Most folks with Gretsches take good care of 'em of course!

I do sand the area that I'm going to paint with a fine grade paper, ya gotta be brave! I split the colors into areas rather than trying to do anything clever like blending. Sara Ray gets great results, have a look at her work through google or maybe you're already familiar with it


Vince, is it possible to do the painting with a less-than-permanent paint, and then after you're satisfied with the results seal with a permanent clear coat?


Maybe Setzer could make a applicable film for you?


It's tricky to do a temporary version and then make it permanent Bob. Especially on poly varnish finishes as they're pretty tough and designed to resist all dirt, paint, blood sweat and tears that we throw at the finish!

Another alternative would be to talk to Paul Setzer about making a decal or ask him how to achieve what you want with some kinda film as suggested by SuprDave.

OR, have a look at a decal paper that can be put through your computer printer. They work well as long as the image isn't too big.

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