Vince Ray's Kustom Korner

Oi, Vince. Supro Amps in Guitarist.


With added Gretschyness.


Thanks for the heads up Tubs, I'm just back from a family trip and found this! Some cool sounds. And that Brit guy rocks his socks of hey?:) Wish he'd kick it up a bit, I never like to hear a guy say 'here's what it sounds like if I strum some simple chords' Never the less, it's good to hear those Gretsches through the new Supro amps. I wish a few more rock and rollers would give us some samples


I got to loan an original Supro 'Dwight' amp...I think it was branded for the store that sold them...Awesome loud beast for its size, but I couldn't dial in any bass with the tone circuit. Ear splitting treble and grit though!!

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