Vince Ray's Kustom Korner

Metal fabrication guitar body


This is so cool! You have to post sound clips once you're finished.


What neck are you gonna stick on that baby?


What neck are you gonna stick on that baby?

– LA_Manny

I got a generic Gibson style neck off eBay. I was expecting sharp fret ends but actually its better than expected. I just need to wait till I string it up to see if it was worth it.


I smoothed it out a little today, still need to smooth out the back and cutaways. Here’s the first glimpse of the monster...


Talk about Heavy Metal!! What a cool project.

– Suprdave

The question is "how heavy"?


Instead of a "rusty" finish, how about nickel or chrome? Paint over sections to get your flames (sort of like an old BSA fuel tank paint job).


I’ll get back to you on the weight with parts and all. So far it doesn’t seem unreasonably heavy

And as much as I like those old bsa tanks and your idea, plating it is out. Mostly because I’m keeping it really low budget. But I do like rust... it will only be surface rust not deep penetrating rust. Although I’m debating between flames or scallops


I've always admired Artists and Craftsmen. People who can translate what's in their brains into 3-dimensional works are among my heroes. My dad was one.

I will admit that I experienced a little skepticism opening this thread. But that's just beautiful work. Hats off to you.


Looking forward to hearing it.


I like the idea of rust. Would a paste of iron oxide and some pigment -- masked off -- bring something extra to the treatment?


Aaaand just like that I smurfed it up! I must’ve not been paying close enough attention when I was sanding the welds down with a flap disk. The metal is too thin now, when I clamp it in my vice there isn’t enough metal to hold it together.

I’m kinda mad at myself because I have a bad tendency to over sand sometimes. At this point if I tried welding it back I’d just be chasing holes and it would be too messy. It was also bad planning on my part when doing the sides.

I think that’s it for this body, it was mainly a learning curve anyway. I’ll start another one next week... but probably a different shape!


That's a drag; been there on far too many projects! It if were me, I'd try and finish this up if only to make sure I make all my mistakes on the same f-up. At least to get it strung up and make sure there's enough strength under the bridge, etc.

Either way, it's a cool project and way beyond my metal working skill!


May I suggest a riveted patch? Kinda steam punk?


You got a Mig welder Im guessing. If you dial it in to its lowest setting you can fix it ,Ive built up a few low spots quite a few times with good results. Give it a shot and if it doesnt pan out, go the Paul Pigat route and patch it up.

Did you already cut out the rear access panels? stick your gun thru the access panels and weld from the inside out.

Keep it up its looking bad ass.


Yeah I’ve got a mig... a decent one at that. It’s a Hobart and I like it a lot. I might try welding it again real slow like.

Thanks Paul I didn’t think of rivets that’s a smart back up plan

And yeah Mel that’s also a good plan to make all mistakes on this learning curve. As far as strength I put quite a bit of pressure on it and it holds shape. Plus I’m putting a wraparound bridge so if anything it’s gonna pull up

We’ll see maybe I just need a break from it to get re motivated on it


RC, it's going to be a rusty rat-axe...right? Patches, rivets, etc. just add to the mojo. If it's playable and cool when done, that's all that matters.
I'd rock it proudly.


Dont patch it. Take it out back and shoot a few holes in it with your 45. Awsome.


I’m with Manny. Drop the heat, speed up the feed rate, lay down a big fat bead and re-sand it.


Maybe this will give you another idea.


There's a video on putting a rust finish on a rat car which gives a spray-on solution (see the description of the video).



Thanks for the video!

This will probably work better than just letting it sit outside


Braze it! Low heat... and the bronze will look cool! I work on a lot of farm equipment and often find myself having to weld something thin to something thick...or welding something to a giant chunk of whatever that is a huge heat sink. Sometimes I burn holes in stuff...I'm not a great welder. But when it's not OK to leave a hole, I find it easy to fill one in by working a bead around the edge until I close it up.


Very cool thread and project!

Good luck with it!

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