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Metal Fab Round 2


I appreciate all the advice given for the double cut les Paul I was making but there were too many small mistakes and I would rather start fresh. It wasnt just the edges it was also a little warped

But I’m back at it this time making a 335 with both top and back arched!

The point of this project was metal shaping not mistake fixing anyway... who knows I might fix that one later but for now I’m back at hammering!


I was thinking that “Metal Fab” was a heavy metal band playing Beatles. This is cool too.


Progress on this one...

I’ve made the top- I had to remake it because the one pictured above is 24 gauge which turns out is way too flimsy... I remade one out of 22 gauge which has plenty of strength

I also made the sides and clamped them to the top


I’m also going a step further on this one than the Les Paul... even tho the Les Paul had a flat back the tension of the arched top bent the back slightly concave.... so to avoid that on this one I made bracing out of the same 22 gauge.

Here is the start I f the bracing


I then made it even stronger and lighter by drilling holes and putting dimples in the holes. Note that one strip has bigger holes than the other... that was because I found the smaller holes to dimple better but I had already made the large hole strip.

I still need to arch the back and make the neck pocket and then put it all together


Progress pics

This one shows a good contrast between a started panel and one hammered to shape


I clamped the top with the sides to some 2x4s to get the bracing and sides flat


The bracing on but not finished


Because I also put some bracing across... maybe call it ladder bracing?

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