Vince Ray's Kustom Korner

Kustom Setzer Hot Rod!


What like charcoal grey tones over black? Or maybe a dark root beer or black gold over black? Now you got me thinking! I'd probably charge 4 to 5 hundred depending on how intricate of a design you want.( I know most painters would charge way more) And prolly take a few weeks. That's if you want it over black because if I have to strip the original finish then I'd prolly charge more.

– Rattlecat

looks like I'm trading the black one..btw..what did you shoot over the artwork on the Coronado. is it flat poly, lacquer or shellac?


I used flat urethane. The trick to that is to spray only a few coats otherwise it's just like gloss clear.

No worries about the 6120, the guitar market right now is shit so I'm gonna try branching out to motorcycle tanks and such. Geez I sound like such a businessman

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