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Kustom Setzer Hot Rod!


So a few weeks back i picked up this awesome Setzer Hot Rod 6120 for a sweet price. I've been hunting down one of these for a decent price for a while now and finally scored. I have been doing some cool Kustom/ lowrider paintjobs lately and this being so stripped down to its essentials is a perfect canvas for such a mod.

Before in a nice orange finish:


This is one of my favorite that ive done. it was such a pleasure working on this, taking my time and minimizing mistakes. I ended up using the original orange and painted two different shades of kandy red and a beautiful magenta for the outer fades on the "panels". seriously this came out beautiful and i couldnt be more proud of it!

and the end result:


naughty or nice (nice with pickguard, above, and without) i think without is way better!


I REALLY love this! I say without the pickguard too.


Dude, your eye and touch are insane!

Holy mackerel!!!! I'm a fan of your design style!


so sweet, glad I have some of your artwork! please post this on #Gretschmafia to share on FB


Thanks guys, and thanks Tavo, that Coronado was really cool and fun to work on too. That's a no go for the gretschmafia tho, I don't have Facebook. Feel free to post it there if you want


Man this is hot !!! I can almost see like tattooed coy scales at the neck and back butterfly wings on the lower bout.Likely not the intent but it just flows together so well...awesome work!


Wow, very impressive work! You have a great eye! Thanks for sharing.


Highly skilled...and high patience! Beautiful work


Great looking work, Rattlecat !


Very nice work, creative yet tasteful!


Very nice work, youre one very patient guy to be laying down all that detail in such a small space.


I knew you guys would like it! Patience is a necessity as it took me more than one day to lay down the tape that came off in minutes after i painted over it

i took some shots of it in the sun this morning and it seems to show the details better. Thats was an unintentional effect to the colors i chose, its subtle from a distance but once you get close its WILD! I also left the back of the neck satin (wet sanded) for a super smooth feel. in other words now this is truly a purpose built Hot Rod!!!!


oh and the back. ive done some pretty cool backs before but this one stands out. simple yet effective.


Exceptional! Love the "fish-scales" effect!


oh and the back. ive done some pretty cool backs before but this one stands out. simple yet effective.

– Rattlecat

hmmmm.. what would we charge to do this to a black SSU :)


To me a perfect balance of flash and subtlety. I love crazy paint jobs, but so many are just over the top for a guitar. I'd be hesitant to play a brightly colored or flamed guitar at some gigs. This thing looks classy as hell, while retaining the badass kustom vibe. Good on you man. The back is stunning, I mean perfect. I wish I had the cash to do something like this to my upright or my fairlane blue 5420. Sadly I don't see that happening, but if I ever get there I'll be in touch!


hmmmm.. what would we charge to do this to a black SSU :)

– TheNocturneBrain

What like charcoal grey tones over black? Or maybe a dark root beer or black gold over black? Now you got me thinking! I'd probably charge 4 to 5 hundred depending on how intricate of a design you want.( I know most painters would charge way more) And prolly take a few weeks. That's if you want it over black because if I have to strip the original finish then I'd prolly charge more.


You're outdoing yourself. Looks great!


Looks awesome man!


That is very cool! Love your work!

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