Vince Ray's Kustom Korner

Kustom Cheap Penguin Finished


Thanks! Sure I don't mind if you post it on the Hamb. I've been meaning to get on the Hamb cause I'm always using it as an info resource. I've done a bunch of other guitars and I'm sure I've posted them on here. Feel free to check em out and share them!


Thanks i have a man crush on your work hahaha ive be trying to put together a set up to paint my cabronita and some of my car parts. Since they broke into my garage qhen i was out of town and stole my airbrushes compresser and a whole lot of stuff its been hard to replace it all. But hey i just got a 6 duece set up for my small block chevy netcha wont se one of those in a 74 nova anytime soon haha


Thats a shame about losing your painting things. i dont know what i would do if that happened to me. And yeah i cant say that ive ever seen a 6 deuce set up on a nova (or any other muscle car to be honest ) i like seeing interesting motors on cars instead of the common 350 with the large air cleaner and generic valve covers, for example i went to a car show this saturday and there was this 68 firebird, youd expect to see some sort of pontiac v8 or maybe even a chevy but instead it had a souped up pontiac inline 6. totally unexpected and i looked way cool under that hood. As for my old buick i think for now im leaving the single stromberg set up. ive looked at some '41 manifolds with the dual carbs but that may be down the line after i drive it around for a while

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