Vince Ray's Kustom Korner

Kustom Cheap Penguin Finished


put this together the other day. red faux diamond tuck front and back with kandy apple red sides and neck. the gold hardware just looks great against the red. plus i decided to leave the pickguard on because it adds to the classy look


Damn. You need to stop this. It isn't fair to us guitar junkies.

Try doing some work on a Dean ML or some kinda ESP... that way I won't feel jealous or covetous in any way.


i guess i should explain that this is originally a 100% penguin model. the reason for it being cheap is that i bought it for a reasonably low price due to a small headstock crack that was exaggeratedly repaired. it was a small crack that someone slapped spackle on and tnen resprayed the neck but the new paint didnt blend well into the old so it looked like crap. i undid all of that and gave her a new lacquer paint job. cheers


Man, That's nice! No reason not to be proud of that. Keeping or selling?


Another sweet job, Rattle! Congrats.


You do exceptional work. Just as well that I live in Australia, stops me from sending half of my guitars to you for cosmetic procedures!!


Classy is the right word!


Thanks guys. i think im gonna sell this one later on, i didnt buy it with the intentions of keeping it. as far as the dean ml.....been there, done that

i did that about a year before dean made an official primal concrete sledge ml


oh yeah and....

now im just being a smart ass


Looks tremendous. Great job


That finish is absolutely gorgeous. Love the diamond pattern and how the dark lines deepen the candy apple red. Just really classy. Many hats tipped.


Killer! I usually can't stand gold hardware, but it does look right on that guitar. Awesome work as always man.


Well those deans were pretty good but i didnt keep them

the candy apple red works with the diamond pattern so well in the light. when you hold it up to the light, were the light hits the diamonds disappear and make the surrounding diamonds get darker as they move away from the light spot giving it a more realistic look. and yeah the gold hardware looks good against the red. i dont think it would have been as effective with chrome hardware


Ouah!!! This combination of gold and wine red is so gorgeous. Bravo!


I'd like to hear how you created that finish. That's awesome.


well it all starts with me sanding off the original finish. thats kinda tricky on the falcons and penguins because if you overdo it on the binding, it gets messed up bad.

on this one, once i sanded it, i sprayed some primer on it and then sprayed a coat of that gold that you get at home depot, the one that has the shiny gold cap. once that settled, i then measured out and taped off the diamond pattern with 1/16 inch tape. then the airbrush magic began. because i knew i was going to have it be red, i airbrushed the diamonds in blue underneath to give it a purple tint in certain light. it takes some practice to airbrush the diamond tuck look but its really not that hard. i just remember to get darker as i get closer to the edge to really give it that 3d look. once that was done, i then removed the tape and airbrushed where the tape was so it wouldnt stand out so much. then comes the House of Kolor Kandy Apple red. a few even coats of that and then some coats of nitrocellulose and its almost done. then just rub out and polish. ive done this to an older anniversary model as well except that one was in Green Kandy


Hey this is great work do you mind if i post pics of it on the hamb in lace and flake thread. I wish i could get you to do my vm squier cab

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