Vince Ray's Kustom Korner

Im such a one trick pony…. FINISHED


and a sneak peak at the cheap penguin


When did Penguins become cheap? Nice Work.


Fantastic! May be the coolest Falcon I've ever seen. If you must name it, you should call her the USS Hell-bound...or maybe The Shore Leave.


USS hell bound .... i like it!

and the penguin is dubbed the cheap penguin cause i bought it cheaper than the average penguins due to some neck finish damage. i should be finishing that one up soon


One trick, done extremely, extremely well. Nice work, RC!


I never liked White Falcons. They were always...too white. I think even that light base coat you did would be an improvement.


Totally bad ass. Beautiful work, again.


I never liked White Falcons. They were always...too white. I think even that light base coat you did would be an improvement.

– crowbone

no base coat.... thats her natural maple top


i'll say it again, fantastic !!!


my latest creations

– Rattlecat

I love the contrasts between these two, starting with Filters v Dynas and going on from there. Both excellent!


Excellent design and execution... as always, Rattlecat!

I believe this 'un's my favorite.



Man, if I could afford it, I'd have you do my white Tele. You do incredible work!


All I will say is this thread shows pictures of my 2 favorite Gretches and there's no "one trick" to either of them.


thanks man. i also finished the penguin by now so i should post up pictures tomorrow


Awesome work man, can't wait to see the penguin finished. As much as I love the Hell Bound, and believe me it's a lot, if someone made me choose between the two the Aztec wins every time. That is such a cool theme, and the color, and detail are stunning. Excellent work man. If I'm ever in the market I know who to call. I want to do something with my next upright, ever tackle anything that size? There's also the issue of 2/3 of a country between us, but we all do crazy shit for the sake of art right?


Hell yeah. ive been contemplating the paint on my upright but havent thought of anything cool yet. when i was doing the boris karloff frankenstein on that one clipper i practiced on my upright. i may do some gold flake or something like that. i just figure something that size would have to be done in sections, first the sides and then the back and then the front.


Nice. I did paint faux binding on my upright.

Before: photo IMG_0613.jpg

During: photo IMG_0618.jpg

After: photo IMG_0620.jpg photo IMG_0619.jpg photo IMG_0622.jpg

Not bad for spray paint and electrical tape. I did get some overspray and had to scrub a lot of it off with alcohol. The end result was good, but hasn't held up all that well. It dings, dents, and chips off easily. I do beat the hell out of it though.


that turned out nice and does make the bass look better. the one i got was used so the previous owner did the same faux binding but in black. by the time i got it most of it was chipped off. i think even if you clear coat the hell out of it, those edges are just prone to that kind of damage so it would prolly still chip and scratch



Sorry I'm late to the party on this thread; but that is outta sight!

Gorgeous work... I am really partial to the leopard spots. That could be an entire theme for a guitar in itself!

Looking forward to seeing more projects!

Keep it up!

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