Vince Ray's Kustom Korner

Im such a one trick pony…. FINISHED


ive had this '93 falcon for a few years now and this is about the 4rth time i repaint it. it was pearl white for a while but i did a crappy job on the paint that i just wanted to redo it buy with more flavor this time.

so i did the tattoo thing again but its a little different this time in that i bursted the whole thing and i also did leopard print down the sides and neck....although it came out looking more like snow leopard


Another masterpiece!

– Bob Howard

What he said.


Damn! Yeah, One trick Pony my Arse.


Holy carp! that is ridiculous! Love it!


You didn't happen to study under Vince Ray, did you? Your work is very similar.


A one trick pony?

You got to be kidding me.

That's awesome.


I'd be very content to have that "one trick" up my sleeve - nice job!


Wonderfully beautiful work. If I had such a trick, I'd count myself beyond fortunate. Super.


One trick....painting awsome stuff! Looks so cool.


One trick pony? More like a frickin' 20 mule team if you ask me! Those tats look better on a guitar than they do on skin!


Gods teeth man, that's fantastic!


Absolutely awesome! You are a gifted artist, Rattlecat!


Man, that is spectacular!


thanks all for the kind words. i say one trick pony cause thats the 3rd tattoo one i do......and so far its also the best. but i kinda feel like its nothing new. although i think this is the last tattoo one i do cause sailor jerry might sue me!

and no i didnt study under Vince Ray, or over him for that matter but you can see the influence. i love Vince Ray's work and i only wish to be able to come up with original ideas later on. i should be finishing this thing up on Wednesday, it looks surprisingly good with gold hardware too


You know I love the Sailor Jerry flash that you put on guitars -- and you're so good at it. But you also made that Aztec-themed guitar, so there's no way you're a "one trick pony".

The "Hellbound" on the back made my jaw drop. That is so bad @ss. I don't even care what's on the front and the sides after seeing that.


finished! i think im gonna call her Cliche. it looks absolutely beautiful all put together and plays better than when i had her together before. i couldnt put her down last night!

i meant the one trick pony thing kinda lightheartedly. i know ive done some cool shit and this is the latest in the bunch. im just glad they come out this cool and that you guys like them.

i dont know where the inspiration came from to change it from homeward bound to hell bound but i gotta agree about it being badass!


close up.... check out the "born to lose" ribbon

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