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Designing your Bands Artwork


I'M interested in how many of you are producing your own Artwork for promoting your Bands, and thought the Vince Ray Corner would be the right place to discuss this.

I'd find it interesting to know how other members on here approach the Visuals of their music.

I've been working on some stuff for my Bands lately and I'm really curious about different approaches!



To get this thing going, I'll share some of the stuff I did for my Swing-Band:

I always try to go for a vintage/printed feel, so I like to work with paper textures, and try to imitate ink bleeding etc. I also try to keep the artwork for the same band in the same color-scheme. For the swing Band We've chosen this green, which I use on every of our designs. I usually get inspired by vintage ads and stuff like that.


This is another one:


I tried to keep ours simple with a logo. I like what you've one.


Webby, that looks really nice! I also do the design work for my band since I studied graphic design. Although I must say I find it very difficult to design something for myself, I'm never 100% satisfied with the end result and always feel that the design 'is not there yet'. I always feel it can be 'better'.

This is our mini-cd, well lots of them:

The T-shirt design:


And printed in different colors:


This was a real frustrating issue for me. I kept trying to find someone who could do some artwork for my band, but the cost was always prohibitive. Also, most of the time, my experience has been that those people with whom I play music never see quite the same value in investing money into graphic designs for the band as I do. I even tried once to work with offshore artists in order to keep the cost down, but that turned into a can of worms as well. So, I just wound up feeling frustrated about the whole thing and stopped trying to pursue it.

Finally, I decided to simply get a photograph of the band and create my own posters. They don't have a lot of graphic design quality to them and are somewhat primitive compared to others, but they do communicate the essential information in a clean presentation, which is the paramount priority. I just use an online site to create the posters.


Great to see these, love the cat and the pipe! Cool to see some green too for a change.

Plus the Foxy logo came out good, great to how it progresses through to the shirt.


As a drummer and a designer, I have to...


I’ve been doing it for a long time.


I'm a firm believer in simplicity. Make it appropriate to the band, but don't make it so busy that it gets lost.

Of course, you could always do like the Grateful Dead and let your fans come up with a variety of designs.


I always rely on Vince. He just knows the eye appeal of cream and red on black.


I've done some gig poster art for bands I've been in, with exception of a few done by my son, who is really good. All I do is doctor pictures up, although I did the liner notes poster and cd art for my last album which yielded, what I thought, nice results.


Liner notes made to look like an old map.


Here's one for my upcoming ep.


My son is an artist and with some prodding, he'll do artwork for me. I gave him the idea for this poster and he did the work. I'd like to spend more time on the color, but overall he rendered the concept I had in mind.


Also, most of the time, my experience has been that those people with whom I play music never see quite the same value in investing money into graphic designs for the band as I do.

I feel your pain, Bob. That's all I have to say about that.

When I walk around VLV each year and see wall-to-wall Vince Ray, it's awesome, a word I don't use much, to see, because, well, it truly awes me to see so much talent shown in so many places around the whole venue. Tom Ingram picked the right guy for the job, because in that environment, it just works. Looks good on amp panels and pedals, too, for the record.


Mike2000, I love the RCA Victor dog replaced with your fox. Subtle but awesome!


I’ve been doing it for a long time.

– Bob Howard

Watched a bit of Python, did you?


Watched a bit of Python, did you?

– wabash slim

Yep. Quite a bit.


My youngest son is the artist in his and Furie's band, El Dingo.

Here's their sticker.

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