Vince Ray's Kustom Korner

Country Western Airline


I did this one for my friend CB Hill, luthier out of surf city USA. It's a 50s airline archtop body that he handed to me and said he wanted a space/ western theme. I came up with this and actually finished it back in October. I just gave it back to him today and he loved it!!


The sides... seafoam green with boomerangs and star thingys


And my favorite part.... the back!!!


Cool! Cowboys Vs. Aliens?


Love it,anything with aliens and girls is always cool !


C.B. is a great guy. When I still lived in California, he and Tom Short the pickup builder and Art (can't remember his last name) who worked with Stevie Wonder came to my house and we had a jam session.

Oh, and I love the guitar!


Thanks! Although I just noticed that the pictures make the girls look fuzzy, they are more crisp in person


The sides... seafoam green with boomerangs and star thingys

– Rattlecat

those sides!! YES


That is cool!

I've done some work for CB


those sides!! YES

– TheNocturneBrain

Ha! I drew inspiration for that from an old lamp that was left behind when we moved into our house. It's from the 60s and has a similar design

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