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Any pinstripers out there?


I've always wanted to learn how to pinstripe. If there's any pinstriping artists out there, how did you guys get started, and who/what did you learn from?


I've got a box of mack brushes and one shot I ordered last summer, promising myself I would learn... So hard to find the time though.

You've reminded me I need to get on it.


i pinstriped a couple of times but it is way harder than it looks. they were flame jobs on strats. to be fair though since then ive learned how to tig weld and airbrush so my hand is way more steady. the best way to learn is to get mack brushes and one shot paint as garageink stated and then practice on graph paper or something similar. that just helps out your symmetry


HotRodWalt does fine work, but I don't see him around here much.


I've been told to practice on glass with a 1 inch grid underneath.

you can wipe the glass clean before the paint dries or use a razor blade to scrape it off after.

this is a good resource Link...


Ha! I've just been practicing with a pen or pencil and graph/lined paper. I've gotten pretty good at flames though.


Something went wrong with the photo. Well go see here. There is an orange one too inside the thread. Must say pinstripe is far more beautiful in real life. Photos can't capture it.


I've been pinstriping for about 13-14 years now I guess, just as a hobby. I got a book from the 70's that my uncle gave me that kinda went over the basics of striping and lettering and I went from there. Bought a couple Mack brushes and some 1-shot and just started practicing on everything that I could :). I'm more in the traditional vein, and studied a lot of the pinstriping style of the 50's like what Von Dutch and Dean Jeffries did.


Good to know Aaron, I know you're only about 2 hours from me. I've thought about getting a few guitars done, but there's not to many people striping anymore. I know there's a guy in Kenosha, but I'd rather go to someone I know if possible.

I'd love to get into it, but I don't think my hands are steady enough. I have a hard time even getting clean solder joints because my hands shake so much. Not much I can do either, it's always been that way.


Oh, I thought this thread was about the New York it is that time again...PLAY BALL!



I don't know what part of the country you're in, but we have a great pinstriper in Louisville. He did all the mural work and pinstriping on Willie Nelson's bus and my 5120.



You can also join a pinstriping club and they will teach you. My son went to a couple of meetings of the Chicago Brushmasters and learned the basics. Now he pinstripes everything he owns!! toolboxes included! ;-)


Look me up anytime Ripley...I've striped guitars, upright basses, motorcycles, trucks and whatever else I can get my hands on ;-). I haven't picked up a 'striping brush since my thumb injury a few months ago, but I'm sure I can still handle it.


Will do. I'll probably be coming through your neck of the woods at some point this summer. My wife's family is from Escanaba, so we get up there once in a while. I think I want to get something done on my 5129. Nothing huge or over the top, just a few accents. Maybe something big on the back if I got a cool idea or saw something I really liked.

How is that thumb doing anyway?


Sounds good, I'm supposed to be 'striping a friend's motorcycle here pretty soon so I'll see how it goes. The thumb is doing great, it really hasn't affected my playing much at all thankfully and the band is as busy as ever! We're actually playing up in Escanaba tonite, small family is just a little further north in Rapid River too.


^That stuff is really really good. How long have you been striping? I love that upright bass.


Man, that stuff is NUTS. Everything on that album is awesome. I gotta get me a can of one-shot now...

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