NGD Cherry 5120


When I went to buy my first Gretsch in 2007 I fully intended on getting the dark cherry stain that GC had at the time. All the pics I'd seen of the orange looked bad, so I never even considered it until I saw it in person. I walked out with my orange 5120 that day, and started the addiction.

Yesterday a woman called my music store asking if we'd be interested in buying an Electromatic with a Bigsby. When she showed up it was a 2012 dark cherry (not sure if that's the actual name of the color) 5120. I made her the offer based on how we price our gear normally, and she took it. The great part about being the store manager is I get to buy things at cost, so I got this killer 5120 for half of what I've paid for 2 other Electromatics. I really didn't need another guitar, but for that kind of price who can say no?


Haven't had a chance to clean her up yet. She will be getting filters and a different bridge at some point. I will actually get to use the english mount kit I've been selling for the last few years! Never had a set on my own guitar.


It also came with a road runner hardshell case.


Where did this thought come from, "I really didn't need another guitar"?


How many are enough?

Just one more...

Point being I barely get to play anymore, and between electrics, acoustic, slab basses, and my upright I have somewhere between 17-19 stringed instruments, not including the not yet functioning, and the uke and 3/4 guitar I consider my son's. Or the Jagstang and shitty acoustic I'm "watching" for a family member that will likely never ask for them back.

I have a 5124, and a 5120 with Surf 90s. I traded my 5129 for a Schecter goldtop LP because it never got played with the other two around. I have been itching for some filters though, and what better to drop them in!


Nice color! I love my 5120... I keep moving my guitars around so my wife looses track of how many I have...


Nice color! I love my 5120... I keep moving my guitars around so my wife looses track of how many I have...

– Rick Trotter

That's always a good plan to head off anticipated questions like "how many guitar do you have now?"

Just for giggles, why not count her pairs of shoes so you have some ammo if she does ask.


What works for me is to have too many to count.


Awesome. I knew a guy that had 5120 in that color. Before seeing your picture, his was the only one I had seen in that color.

I think it looks great. Enjoy that guitar!



One of my employees at the music store was trying to trade me almost everything he had for this thing, but I just couldn't let it go. He managed to trade an Epi Wildcat and a MIM Tele for a black 5120 with a Gretsch case and $100. Not a bad deal.

So now, our part time guy has a 5120, I have 3 Electros, one of our guitar instructors has a Duo Jet and a Tennessean (or Tenny Rose, not sure what year), and the other instructor has my old 5129. Now we just need to get the owner on the bandwagon now!

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