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A blonde executive is tired of blonde jokes so she dyes her hair black and the jokes go away.

Several months later she's travelling by car to a meeting in a distant city. She was running a bit late and decided to take a short cut via country roads to make better time. She's sure she's going the right way but spots a farmer at a fence up ahead watching over a field of sheep. She stops and goes over to him and asks if she's going the right way to re-connect with the freeway. He says yes and just turn left at the next intersection.

She's starts to return to her car when she turns back and says: "Can I ask you a question about your flock of sheep?" "Sure." "If I can tell you how many sheep you have, can I have one?" "That's ridiculous, but go ahead...knock yourself out." "Pointing her finger in midair she begins counting and in a few seconds turns to him and says: "128" He's astounded and says: "I don't know how you did that but you're absolutely right. You won yourself a sheep. Go help yourself. She heads into the flock and returns with one under her arm and as she approaches the farmer he say: "Can I ask you a question?" She stops and says: "Sure." "If I tell you what color your hair used to be, can I have my dog back?"


But it sounds unlikely. That sounds like an unlikely conversation. That conversation sounds like the setup for a joke.


This happened at the guitar store.

– GreTschocaster

Ha !! Excellent Dave....!

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