Miscellaneous Rumbles

Your slightly dysfunctional Gretsch family.


I spells it a little differently, I does. Since I grew up in the East Bay (and live here again), I put the FUNK in DisFunkTionAll.

'Cause with a badass groove (and some baritone sax), Dis Funk will make ya move yo' feet and shake yer thang, yo!


if i were a priest i could put the "unction" into "dysfunctional."


I'm OK with the "dysfunctional" part of this label.....it's the "Slightly" part I'm wondering about... ....-S'lightnin


If you need a good story about how "families put the fun in dysfunctional", buy me a drink sometime!

There is the 30 minute, 1 hour, 4 hour, and 8 hour levels of detail.

I feel sorry for my wife...I think about her family every day.

Nothing here @ GDP even comes close, including the occasional member going way, way out of bounds or choosing to depart forever.

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