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A Gretsch Custom Shop guitar would be a once-in-a-lifetime for me, so I'd be pulling out all the stops. Mine would be a center block 16" White Falcon with Stereo pickups and a Bigsby. I had actually used photoshop to create one in the mindset of "if you will it, it will come."


Thinline Country Club in dark wine red.

Tru-Arc serpentune (metal to be selected in consultation with Proteus)


Unbound ebony board and neo-classic thumbnails.

Nickel hardware.

Vintage Dynas.

Small headstock with scripty logo.

No pickguard.

Tone pot circuitry.


Double cutaway Falcon Junior 2" thinline body in Smoke Grey/Violet with TVJ Duo-Trons, Tru-Arc SerpenTune Titanium bridge, Falcon block inlays, tone knob instead of mudswitch, Bigsby B6 V-cut, jack-plate, all chrome hardware, and a 100% discount with free shipping.........


I want Bob's (Ric12string) pinkish/purplish jet.

– Rhythmisking

You have great taste, Paul!

Not that it really makes that much of a difference, but that Jet is actually a Penguin -- a Black Penguin.


So here's a thread we do every so often but it's always entertaining. Since it's been awhile, let's -- as the Kinks said -- Do It Again.

So.... if you had the scratch, what would your Custom Shop guitar be? It's all imaginary, so you can do whatever you want. There are bonus points for pictures, though.

Mine is pretty simple. I've given up on my dreams of a semi-hollow Corvette and now just want a well-chambered pearl topped Jet with Dynas and a small 50-style headstock -- no Penguination needed. Ideally, I'd go for more of a black pearl than the usual blue pearl like on the TL Jets. Load up on the nice hardware though. Gretsch has been really doing good on that front lately. And graft the DE neck on. Those things have the nicest necks. Thumbnail markers.

yeah. That'd be my pick.

– Baxter

You’re reading my mail. I would only add jumbo frets (Gretsch mediums feel smallish to me), scripty logo, DE handle.

Didn’t consider black pearl, but your mention and a GIS search convinced me.


Not sure if it’s a Custom Shop and I might add a third pickup and mix them up like Cbell would do, but this could make my day for a quick choice although I generally prefer larger guitars. This was for sale here a while ago and I thought it was great but didn’t buy it.

– Baba Joe

Looks like Rocky read my mind.


I'd have to do a custom sparkle Billy Bo (sick green?) with piston inlays - block with western style engraved pistons), three ply binding (white/black, silver sparkle, black/white) and a single bridge Dynasonic pickup. Just off the top of my head. Go Ed Roth on it.


What I would prefer is that the neck not flare as much as it does, if at all, from the nut to the body. At the 12th fret it's 2.17", 2.27" at the 14th (which is clear of the heel). My '98 6120, and Gent are 2.08" and even that's too wide for comfortably wrapping my thumb around to fret. I'd like my SC to be no more than .190" at the 14th.

If you were to have no taper, the string spread at the bridge would be about 1 3/4" - i.e., six strings in the space normally occupied by five. It would make for some pretty awkward picking.


Although if you ask me next week it would be something different this week it's. . .

A CVT with a single pickup, TV Jones Classic.

no scratchplate, rear mounted controls.

25 1/2 scale.

Iridescent Purple/Green paint job.

Mosrite Klusons.

And a Gretsch moulded B5 Bigsby.


If that'd be my dream guitar I'd just buy my Electromatic of choice and add those pickups. And the 512x series was great. Both options cheap enough.

– sascha

Agree 100%. I love my 5126 and it is a diverse, 6-string, laminated chunk full of pleasure. I play that one a lot!!!!


Electromatic Tennessean with 50s style miracle neck, split hump block inlays, dynasonics and 50s wiring. Bound top and back, lotus ivory/charcoal metallic.

Probably also a few years of lessons so I could play well enough to justify such a beauty.


Two-tone green (light top, darker sides and back) double-bound (sparkle binding) Penguin with a florentine-style cutaway, maple fretboard with black MOP inlays, stainless steel hardware, 2 x TVJs, TruArc, DE Bigsby, with a 6122 neck profile and a fully chambered hollowed out body so it weighs in around 5 - 5.5lbs or so.

Active EQ similar to what some other brands I own have onboard (yeah, I know, batteries can be a pain, but if I'm dreaming, let's go whole hog and chuck the ubiquitous 9v for a pair of lithium watch batteries that should be good for about 24 months.)

That's what I would order up if I could.


I can’t say enough how many times I’ve wished for a certain configuration, then it came true, and not necessarily as a custom shop release.

“A Gretsch more like a 335 in construction” - centerblock Gretsches

“A Telecaster Custom thinline with P90s” - Fender Modern Player Telecaster

“Because they’re not my main guitar, A budget version of the Fender Jag, Jazzmaster and Mustang” - Squier Vintage Modifieds

“A Dan Armstrong reissue” - the AMG1s

While not necessarily custom shop, I’d like to see new versions of the Ric 6/12 doubleneck, a Veleno original, a new Astrojet from Gretsch, and a Clipper Electromatic priced under $350 retail.


I'm not going to relist my dream guitars from past threads as new choices, as they are all still my dream guitars, but I will say that I think Mr. Stern must page through these threads because a year after I put the Knotty Pine topped 6120 as a "Wish List" guitar, it was presented by the Custom Shop. Not to me, though! You'd think they'd throw a little bone to the crow, eh? :)

I'm still smitten with Jets...specifically heavily chambered Champagne or Pearl Jets(Also Joel Hibbs' OMG Pearl Penguin), and a dark stained, Angry Steer Headstocked Roundup.


This one will do for me:


I'm blessed having what I have, and really couldn't ask for more.

Not the most recent pic, as I've added a DE handle , Tru-Arc Serpentune bridge, Callaham string through bar, Reverend "Soft Spring", and screwed down the Bigsby.

If I did a CS guitar, it would be a copy of this, with above additions, a thinline body, 9.5" radius neck (with the same "V" shape), and medium jumbo frets...…………………..just so I don't get them confused with each other! lol


You’re reading my mail. I would only add jumbo frets (Gretsch mediums feel smallish to me), scripty logo, DE handle.

Didn’t consider black pearl, but your mention and a GIS search convinced me.

– fieldhdj

I could go with larger frets. Definitely a DE handle. That's a must have. Scripty logo I'm ambivalent on.

Maybe we need a Gretsch Pages 25th Anniversary run?


Bamboo yellow/copper mist Streamliner, 1957 style, inlaid headstock veneer, not engraved plastic, two DeArmonds and a Bigsby. Not terribly ambitious, considering I could make that guitar starting with a stock vintage Streamliner for about the price of a Proline after mods.

– Afire

Going in the opposite direction from a modest project...

The mention of split humpblocks made me think of the rare 6198-7. It's the one with the big headstock, a la Super 400, Imperials, split humpblocks, sometimes the chili pepper/lightening bolt inlay, 17" extra deep body, bindings galore (one I saw had eight plies on the body, though most don't) and pushbutton tone switches under the guard. Using that as the starting point, I'd ditch the tone switches, make it a 2" deep thinline, and put a Bigsby on it. Sunburst with bound tortoise guard. That would be a pretty cool and truly custom Gretsch.


I'm really enjoying (and voting up) some of these.


Okay, adding to mine.....

Turquoise and white, 57 Chevy schemed Spectra sonic or Single cut Falcon with TVJones T-Armonds. Chrome binding (Hey it's a dream guitar, right?) head painted under the same scheme. Felix the cat on the back. A leather Turquoise and white strap to go along would be nice.


THIS without the fugly looking stop tail and a smith vibrato in its stead as a a double cut falcon but 24.6 scale ( I dont dig the 25.5 scale) w a tone post.


I'd still like to see the one i drew up back in the 90's;

Super White Falcon.

Super Chet body triple gold sparkle bound,that includes the middle binding, and Super Chet flowery finger board inlays,with 55 vertical logo headstock. 50's Dyna control lay out on body with a Caddy G V tailpiece and 50's style Falcon pickguard.

I had envisaged one with Dynas and one with Filters ,if i only knew how to Photoshop .


THIS without the fugly looking stop tail and a smith vibrato in its stead as a a double cut falcon but 24.6 scale ( I dont dig the 25.5 scale) w a tone post.


Tavo, you're making me think white pearl instead of black pearl.


That is quite an attractive bowling ball of a top.


Not the one I would have purchased but I painted a house for the Japanese custom shop 98" 6120 w55. That Fullers ordered.. Bridge dyna needs a rewind.. Carved maple top..plays like butter. Never really bonded with it. yay.... sorry...I would want a Siliver sparkel Falcon .

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