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Yeah Baby!


I have recently lost some weight and was wondering if I could fit into my old YSL velvet suit (circa 1975). It's been sitting in my closet for years but hasn't fit for way over a decade. Well, tonight I tried it on and after a long inhale the pants actually fit. I'm not sure if there is enough room for me to tuck in a shirt though.

To mark the occasion I posed for my wife to take a picture. Being a black suit, I needed a black guitar. What better choice could there be but the fantastic Gretsch that I was fortunate to win at this years Nashville Roundup. Thanks Joe!

It just so happened that I was wearing a GDP tee shirt... Really, a total coincidence!


Cool...but you need black socks to complete it, Nick.


Looking good, Nick! The guitar completes the outfit! Was great seeing you at the Philly guitar show!


Everybody’s crazy about a Sharp Dressed Man. Looking good!


Cool...but you need black socks to complete it, Nick.

– NJBob

Naw. Tie-dye socks!



Thanks guys!

As far as socks... Below are some pictures of my good friend Adrian Legg that I took the last time we were together... If you are not familiar with Adrian google him.


For you pedal nerds... Be sure to watch Adrian's commentary at the end of that link


Whoa --- Adrian can have a second career as a sock model --- no doubt under the name Adrian Foott!


If Adrian Legg ain't the man, he's surely one of them.

And you ARE lookin' like A Man in Black. Very svelte. I, alas, have been headed in the other direction, trying to become more of a presence in the world...


How did i miss this?

Looking good, Nick !


congrats!! better, stronger, healthier

but take care of that ysl '75 velvet suit

its probably worth a gretsch or two! a haute couture collectible



I could watch Adrian play all day!

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