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WTB: Root Beer Float Peeps



In the good ol' days Root Beer had full, real Sassafras Root....refreshing but poison.

Just like Gumbo File...full, real Sassafras leaves, yummy but poison.

Today, the carcinogen is removed and the extract used like a syrup.

Root Beer can be mildly alcoholic, too, like a Cider.

We would dig up Sassafras Root out in the Woods, and like all good Cub Scouts make Root Beer with lots of Cane Sugar and other ingredients.

A&W made Root Beer at all their Restaurants.

Sarsaparilla Root is similar, I buy that to make Iced Tea in the Summertime...very healthy.


– Twangmeisternyc

I worked at a B&K root beer stand when I was 13-14. Made the root beer from syrup, cooked, made the all the typical soda stuff, cooked the burgers and dogs, and even cleaned the rest rooms at the end of the day. Rode back home 1/2 mile at 2AM on my bike. Wound up working at a drive in theater with my Mom and Uncle after that.

What's a work permit?

I remember when they changed the root beer recipe in '60. Never did taste quite the same. There's ginger beer, as well as ginger ale and root beer. My understanding is that they're brewed a lot like beer and ale, so, the names fit. We had a lot of sassafras growing in the woods behind our house. Sassafras tea is an old home remedy. One of our local brew pubs makes a pretty good root beer.


That explains a lot - thanks. So it's like a lot of consumer products - the original small-batch products could have been wonderful but mass production destroys what was good about it. Well maybe next time I'm in the US I'll have to see if I can find some small producer of root beer. I'll be in NYC in July but I doubt there would be a small root beer producer in Manhattan!

– JimmyR

Look for glass bottles Jimmy. The higher end stuff doesn't usually come in cans. And they're usually not shy to say it's made with cane sugar rather than corn syrup.


Umm...well, back to the matter at hand.

My man Otter, AKA the "Mississippi Mule", came through big.

Today there was a suspicious looking package on the table when I got home.

I took it upstairs, into my room, slammed the door shut, got my box cutter out, and ran a slit right across the smile on Amazon's logo.

I don't know why, but I get such pleasure out of that.

Anyways, back to the story... So I open the flaps and take a look inside.


Hmm...wait, what was Otter sending me?

It might be my binging of Narcos lately, but something about these "Peeps" seem very fishy to me.

I don't recall, in my Peep fueled fever, asking for 4 kilos of anything (Actually putting that in this so as to not incriminate myself)!



What a relief.

As I slowly splayed open the red bubble wrap, the quiet in the room became deafening, the sweat on my brow poured down like a waterfall of anxiety, and, for a brief moment, I gasped like Faye Dunaway in Bonnie and Clyde when she realized they were doomed...except, I wasn't anywhere near doomed.


It was the Peeps!

All ready and delicious, I'm sure!

Otter, I can not thank you enough, although bubble wrapping marshmallows seems a bit redundant, I really appreciate your efforts, and trust me, you're getting something good!


Next chapter...The Taste Test!

But right now, I got to get out to the Keswick Theater for Mott the Hoople!


Will you be dipping them in soft serve?


You’re treading on Geoff’s vanity with the slow reveal.


Awesome!! Way to go Otter ! Look forward to the taste test, John.


It wouldn't surprise me much if Peeps were invented by dentists.


Haha I had a lot of bubble wrap left over from shipping a guitar. The Easter Bunny protects his Peeps! Glad the "goods" arrived safely.


All the BeaTles are rollin over!

They're just wondering where the jelly babies are.

– Proteus

What holiday actually does commemorate the actual proceedings in a commercial world?? Probably not a one. Peeps, I guess are fine for what they are, not the abomination of Halloween that are the small little horrible tasting and get weirdly hot in your mouth.. candy corn. A more devilish and foul concoction that makes peeps look like saints....Opps, responded to the wrong poster..... oh well, my dislike for candy corn abides.....


I can agree on candy corn.

The peep hate though, has my inner sensitivities all a flutter.


"Sioux Honey" Candy Corn is delicious...

"Sue Bee" is the logo.

I hope to have a surprise for you Peep Lovers @ Easter...our local Bakery has a special Holiday treat on their "order ahead" menu....


"Sioux Honey" Candy Corn is delicious...

"Sue Bee" is the logo.

I hope to have a surprise for you Peep Lovers @ Easter...our local Bakery has a special Holiday treat on their "order ahead" menu....

– Twangmeisternyc

Hmm...candy corn that tastes good would be a first.

I've only ever used them at Halloween as "vampire teeth".


For Crowbone and you others...

Peeps coming out of their Shells on Easter!

Brach's still makes the Honey Candy Corn, ....Sue Bee connection must have ended or is Regional.

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