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Would someone else please report this counterfeit?


I just did. There is also a seller who tries to sell white penguin/falcons for next to nothing who pops up frequently, and the last time a few days ago, it's clear he is getting smarter at his spiel. Your seller apparently has two of these, so he is not an innocent victim trying to get his money back.


Good thing you guys can spot the fakes. I would have been completely taken in. I hope ebay will do the right thing.


Those controls looked out-of-place to me, then there's the matter of the Gibby-style pups and the access ports on the back.

All red flags to me (and I'm something of a luddite when it comes to id-ing Gretsches).


The thumbnails on the fretboard are not the same as on a genuine Gretsch too. I've been a Gretsch enthusiasts for only two years, and even I can spot this as a fake. It's not just off, it's way off!


Yes, first thing I noticed was the Gibson style pickups, and also the out of place pickup selector switch. What puzzled me was the authentic looking headstock brand. Did somebody take a Gretsch husk and slap all that Gibson stuff on it? That's what it looks like to me.


The photo of the back of the headstock is the real giveaway... totally bogus serial number and "Made in USA".



A real POS fake on many levels. The multi-binding on the headstock isn't in keeping with the binding on the neck.



"Project guitar"...???? "Project" because it needs strings??????? Wow.....

I would call it a project guitar because it requires a band saw to "fix" the wrong body shape.


Nothing is very Gretsch-like about this guitar. The headstock might say Gretsch, but nothing except the color fits.


It's weird - I tried to report that listing but couldn't log in. However whenever I want to buy something it's no problem! I only buy small stuff these days - the last purchase I made was a watch band pin and that was after I tried to report that listing.

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