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Wish me luck—the executive fight night is Saturday…


You can see my opponent on the left...

Long reach. Younger than me. Quicker than me.

Hey, I'm old, but i'm slow...

(But I will lean on experience and the surreal life I still lead.)




Wish you luck! Just remember: old age and treachery overcome youth and ability every time! Oh, wait, it's not that kind of fight, is it? My bad... make that seniority and experience! Best of luck, I'm rooting for you!


You are the guy on the right side of the picure? seems your reach is way longer....


Where oh where is Tunderbag and his boxing and washboard abs glory days? He could coach you


Erm... no. I'm the greyhead on the left side of the picture. His reach is far longer.



I'd say break a leg but I really don't know what you say to a boxer before they go in the ring. Kick his ass sounds a little aggressive. Best to ya!


First rule of Fight Club---

You do not talk about Fight Club.


Sounds so cool! I'd like to do this...

...but I probably won't!


Good luck with the fight Konrad, don't forget to duck!


Thanks guys!

I basically reverted to my old workouts as a kid over the past two months. (I always wanted to be Marvin Hagler)--so three minute rounds of 1 shadow boxing left arm, 1 right, 1 with both hands, one with both hands with heavy gloves (20 Oz), then footwork drills for a half hour, then 2 or three rounds on a heavy bag and 2 or 3 on a double-ended. Then situps. Rarely pushups. Some days no heavy bag and one a week a few rounds of sparring (which got a bit brutal). I dropped from 200 lbs to 182 over the past 3 months. Dealing with some tendinitis issues, but so far manageable. Had my last hard workout tonight and will taper it off. Despite all the hard work, I can't move or hit or rip off combos like I could when I was a kid--and I've been hit a lot (and I used to slip everything). These guys are 25 years younger and often I see the punches and just don't move. Oh well. I still have hand speed and movement though--just not like yesteryear. It's been quite an experience. I can't wait for sat, but also am ready for it to be over, as it's been 5 days a week of this, and the bumps and bruises (and headaches from getting hit) have been rough on this 52-year-old body.

We'll see how it goes this weekend, I guess.



Your obviously an advocate for pain. Don't mess your hands up beyond playing guitar capabilities.


Yeah--I stopped 20 years ago mostly due to my hands, but what's funny is I started wrapping them differently and they have been ok. But I used to hurt my hands through my gloves, I don't have that kind of pop any more, although I'm still above average.



Protect yourself at all times and try not to hurt him too bad. Your instincts will kick in. You've got this.


Erm... no. I'm the greyhead on the left side of the picture. His reach is far longer.


– Konrad

OK - whatever happens......keep working! You punch first! Step back after punching and keep moving counterclockwise! Keep your hands up, make your slip-moves BEFORE the opponent punches.

Might sound stupid to force tempo fighting someone who is suspected beeing in better shape. But running from punches - or taking them - is not less exhausting, but bears less opportunities .


Good luck Konrad!


Thanks guys--good advice, jm!



Thumb in the cheek, I remember that lesson. Looks like you’re fighting up a few weight divisions and he has the reach advantage . I reckon opening round will be Hagler vs Hearns... all the best champ!


Give him hell tough guy. Good luck!


I'm guessing you will have a buddy tape this.

Find a way for the forum to view your fight. I'll watch!



Will do!

He's only about five pounds heavier. Long arms though. I get loose with my guard (when I was a kid I really did slip everything, but alas I've slowed down), and he's made me pay for it in sparring. The prob with full headgear though is that you guard seems off your face and then you just get loose with it. I should have found a Winning style headgear that jus covers your eyes and nose. They feel so much better with a tight guard or a philly shell. I just went with the standard headgear and I feel like I have to press my gloves to my headgear to keep them there. Oh well. Can't afford to spend more cash on this... will have to make due.



Movement is key! If you can keep your head moving steadily (not even fast) by combining footwork and upper body movement, you will have little trouble (as long as you obey most fundamental boxing-principles).

Have a look at a master of fluent moves..... Willie Pep:

Moving round the ring ro the gym, playing bomb and weave, is also a good exercise for the last couple of days before the match - keeps you smooth and relaxed!

Again - good luck!


Looks like the fight will be live-streamed on facebook.

I'll let you guys know.

Maybe will even give a shoutout to the Gretsch Pages if I win (they usually do an interview).


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