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Wireless Systems… what do you see?


Hipbone - I wish! I loved watching the Gong Show as a kid, so when they approached us about the new version I was all in! Probably would have helped our cause if Jamie Farr were judging in place of Antony Anderson. On the bright side, we got the same score as Oingo Boingo did on the original series.

LX, the lead guitar is my own design, folds in half, with custom vibrato and my "Off Kiltertron" pickups. I was using the "Wrangle" hot single coil setting. I've been learning CAD/CNC over the past few years and am hoping to make more by end of 2021 or early 2022.


Ha! That was awesome Mel! Thanks for sharing!


You guys killed it on the Gong show. I watched when it came out. Wait, Oingo Boingo was on the gong show? huh.


Thanks guys! There's a video of the Oingo Boingo spot on the original Gong Show around on the interwebs, I haven't found a good link to share, but search Oingo Boingo Gong Show and it should come up.

Back to the original topic, the G10 was the key to my being able to quazi duck walk around the stage.

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