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Winter NAMM 2018 — Who’s Going?


I'd love to go someday but alas I'm not in the "music merchandise" business nor do I have anyone's coattails to ride to get in.


My feet hurt just thinking about the 6 to 8 hours of walking around and staring at stuff.


Didn't Fender do a Gibson a few years back?


Somehow, it isn't the same Show without them. - Ric12. I've never been, but from what I understand it's such a big show that one vendor, even a goliath like Gibson or Fender won't make or break the show, but I understand about folks being disappointed about their favorite companies not being present to show off their new models, -- Crowbone

When one of the largest and most iconic manufacturers in any industry does not attend a trade show, it does leave a sense of emptiness somehow. This is particularly the case when one suspects that it is due to financial problems that the company is facing. For us little guys who consume these products, it is a wonderful thing to be able to go into the Gibson booth and try out their products. I have always been a Martin guy when it comes to acoustic guitars, but two years ago I spent some time in the Gibson booth getting better acquainted with their acoustics and have to say that I was delighted by the experience. Had the booth have not been there, with all of those acoustic guitar models present, I might never have had that chance and would still be suffering from the opinion that their acoustic guitars don't deserve the same type of merit as my favorite brand. Same thing with the Taylor guitars.

Fender FMIC Gretsch, etc. All make a great splash. But, make no mistake Gibson puts the big pot in the small pot in a huge space. And, they bring in their artists, Like FMIC used to do. But, the expense of the NAMM show is insane. So, it makes economic sense to the bean counters, but not to the sales folks who see not being at NAMM akin to being put in the grave. -- Olivia Anne

Exactly correct.


My feet hurt just thinking about the 6 to 8 hours of walking around and staring at stuff. -- LA_Manny

I don't know what you are talking about, Manny! The last time that I saw you at the NAMM Show, you weren't walking -- we couldn't peel you off these Jägermeister girls.


My feet hurt just thinking about the 6 to 8 hours of walking around and staring at stuff. -- LA_Manny

I don't know what you are talking about, Manny! The last time that I saw you at the NAMM Show, you weren't walking -- we couldn't peel you off these Jägermeister girls.

– Ric12string

My favorite color IS orange.


It may have become mine now as well.


Here is the list of artists that NAMM has announced for the 2018 NAMM Show. If you know any of these acts, let us know about them.

Aaron Rizzo
Aidan James
Alice Underground
Alice Wallace
An Endless Sporadic
Andrew Castro
Ari and the Alibis
Artyom Manukyan
Ben Allen
Bernie Williams & Gil Paris
Brian Fitzy
Brit Rodriguez
Bulevar Descarga
C4 Trío
Carly Jo Jackson
Chandler Juliet
Chase Walker Band
Chi McClean
Chris Cadenhead
Coffey Anderson
Courtney Hart
Dan Cavalca
Dauzat St. Marie
Deb Taren
Dixie Jade
Don Alder
Drea Marilyn
Elvis Monroe
Emily Faith
Evan Khay
Fretmonkey Records Harp Guitar Showcase
Gene Evaro Jr.
Gints Smukais
Grayson Erhard
Hammond Organ Sound Soul Summit
Heather Nation
Hummingbird Hotel
Ian Coury & Ebinho Cardoso
Infected Mushroom
Jade Hendrix
Jamie Stillway
Jessica Lynn
Jessica Malone
John Rankin
Jon Hammond Funk Unit
Jon Mullane
Kate Brady
Keith Kenny
Kenny Charles & The Open Road
Kenny Lattimore
Kenny Peagler
Kyle Feerick
Larry Mitchell
Legends Concert
Lili Haydn
Live Hart
Lizzy V
Lloyd Spiegel
Louie Cruz Beltran
Love and a .38
Lucy & La Mer
Lunar Hand
Magnolia Wind
Matt Koelsch
Matt Richards
Mean Mary
Michael J. Dwyer
Minor Strut
Monarch Theatre
Muriel Anderson
Nathan and Jessie
One Step Closer
Parlor Social
Paul Childers
Paula Boggs Band
Preston Reed
Rascal Martinez
Rob Bonfiglio
Sam Sims Band
Sara Ontaneda
Sarah Rogo Band
Shanice Green
Shaun Munday
Shaye & Black Hat
Sophia Dion
Steph Johnson Band
Stephanie Brown and The Surrealistics
Terminus Falls
Teschner/Hall Group featuring Gigi Gonaway and Mahlon Hawk
The Breedloves
The Brook & The Bluff
The Crooked Stones
The Fenians
The Get Down Boys
The Junebugs
The Lark and the Loon
The Matching Shoe
The Musicology Allstars
The Talbott Brothers
Tiffany Christopher
Tolan Shaw
Trevor Gordon Hall
Union Hobos
Will Champlin
Wimberley Bluegrass Band
Wish and the Well

Mind you, these artists play at various locations in and around the Convention Center, such as on the stages in the Sheraton and Hilton, and on the Main Stage outside the Convention Center. But, they are not necessarily a headlining artist that everyone tries to see. There is usually a headliner artist at the end of the day playing on a very large stage in the Plaza outside the Convention Center.

But, usually the best artists that I have seen over the years were playing in a booth somewhere. One year, FMIC had Eric Johnson play. That was a superb show. There were maybe 100 of us in the room watching him perform. And it was a full length show, probably of an hour to 90 minutes. Fantastic.

A couple of years ago, I saw Brian Wilson by himself on a keyboard. For the life of me, I can't remember whose booth it was in. He was Brian Wilson, just like you would expect and want him to be. And he was very special for those of us who, like me, have enjoyed his music and have appreciated his contributions to popular music in the last forty years of the 20th century.

One year, Danny "Daddy-O-Grande" Amis gave an impromptu performance in the DiPinto booth. There was a friend of his there who accompanied him on rhythm guitar, but no bass or drums. Yet, it was very good. He took requests and, naturally, most of them were Los Straitjackets songs.

Last year, I believe it was, Robby Krieger played in the Gibson booth. On a signature model Les Paul. Yep, Robby Krieger, who played an SG for most of his Doors career, was playing a signature LP. That sort of set my mood for the rest of his set. It started very late and was not particularly satisfying.

And, of course, most of the great performances over the years for my tastes have been associated with Gretsch. Paul Pigat is always a highlight when he plays at the NAMM Show with Cousin Harley. Back when Gretsch had a stage in the booth itself, he played a couple of times and packed people in like sardines. Doyle Dykes played multiple shows in the FMIC/Gretsch stage area some years ago and was his usual stellar self. Then, there was the show that set the Fire Marshal's hair on fire with angst -- when Tim Armstrong and Rancid played in the Gretsch booth. Again, there many hundreds of people in an area that had a fire capacity of perhaps 50% of the total number of people in attendance. That one was truly a part of the Gretsch NAMM lore.

Gretsch has also had performers at venues other than at the Convention Center. A few years ago, our own Billy Zoom performed in a highly successful Gretsch Twangorama event. Due to my own work obligations, I missed that year's Show, but I heard great things about BZ and that show.

But, it would be hard to top the musical spectacle that Joe Carducci put together last year -- Duane Eddy, Jeff Beck & Darrel Higham. That was over the top goodness incarnate. You had to have been there to fully appreciate how special that one was. Jeff played the guitar stylings of Cliff Gallup while Darrel Higham crooned Gene Vincent's vocals. It was something to behold. And, for anyone who had not seen Duane Eddy in concert before, it was a memory that should last a lifetime. I have had the good fortune to have seen Duane perform once or twice in the past, and he did not disappoint in this show. He had his new white and orange signature 6120 models, along with the black baritone prototype. The first notes of Rebel Rouser lit up those Dynasonic pickups and it was as if a rocket was roaring through the room. Stunning!

So, it will be interesting to see who will be performing again this year at NAMM. Too bad that they don't take the huge room where Gibson has had its booth and use that as a performance venue since Gibson won't be back this year. And it is my understanding that Gretsch will again not have a stage in its booth. But, don't be surprised if Joe works some of his magic again and creates another event somewhere else to remember.

NAMM 2018 -- less than three weeks away now. I can hardly wait.


That's quite a lengthy list! I've only heard of two: Incendio, which I believe is a kind of high-energy acoustic world music type of genre, and the Paula Boggs Band, kind of a jazzy soul thing (and my cousin Sandy is the drummer!)


I will be there as per usual but maybe only one day at the show. Lots of gigs while I am there over two weeks

– paul pigat

Where are your gigs? I may want to go. I met you once when you did a performance for Gretsch at West LA Music in Santa Monica.


This is going on too in OC. Anyone going? Haven't been to a vintage guitar show in years.


Elvis Monroe -- Countrified "Slick Elvis" band which plays the Ramada most years. Girlfriend with whom I am presenting the Imagine Something Yesterday does some publicity and photography for them. I've met her in Nashville for them once or twice. Band name is "Elvis Monroe"

Muriel Anderson -- she who presents NAMM Guitar Night. She is an amazing guitarist and lovely person. She is an ABSOLUTE must see. I first met her at CAAS. Did I mention she is just lovely.

Venice -- Terrific band with perfect harmonies from . . . Venice California. Marky Lennon, cousin of THE Lennon sisters, is performing at ISY for us. Several other members of this wonderful band are Lennons. They, too, play the Ramada every year, Saturday night main show. You CANNOT move in the place when they perform.

Jackson Brown -- I made a point to see him a couple of years back in a teensy tiny exhibit in the basement of NAMM. As he came into the space he took my arm to follow him and had me sit crammed into the space by his feet. Clueless why; but Jackson Brown from a foot away playing for 45 minutes or so with about 200 people crammed in, too, is rather swoon inducing.

My favorite NAMM artist "happen upon story" is Stevie Wonder. He decided it was easiest for him to come to the YAMAHA Exhibit at the Ramada to see all the new pianos, instead of having them brought to his home. Those fortunate enough to be on the "tom tom network" got to see him play for the better part of an hour.

I, too, was there when Brian Wilson played, again seated at the foot of the little stage (taking photos for folks regularly has its perks). He's known for never smiling at fans. I got so emotional at hearing his magnificent songs from so close by that I started to weep, quiet, but weeping. He locked eyes with me until the end of his song, which was the end of his set. When it was over, he turned around, winked and gave me a huge smile. I melted. I was fortunate enough to see him again last year before a local show. I nearly fainted when he said that he was glad I had stopped weeping. I asked him what he meant and he said that he thought my emotion at his songs at NAMM was sweet. Yep, nearly passed out. So, there may be issues with him, but memory must not be one of them.

[Edit: Found the video: ]

If they EVER get the NAMM app to work, it is how my network activates the "tom tom network." We share messages.

Think I'll make us a "NAMM 2018 Happenings." http://gretschpages.com/hap...


Lloyd Spiegel is an Aussie who is (or was) a product endorser for Cole Clark Guitars. I spoke to him for quite a long time a few years ago at NAMM when I was trying to buy a Cole Clark guitar. I ended up going back to the CC booth Fri, Sat, and Sun in an attempt to buy one that I tried and liked. Lloyd attempted to intervene on my behalf, but the CC management insisted that the entire show stock had already been sold. LLoyd is a good natured and talented guy who plays and sings. Kind of a bluesy style.

FWIW, I ended up buying a Cole Clark guitar (via the internet, shipped from the East coast) and ended up getting rid of it after a couple of months.


Well, I found out why Gibson isn't going...


But, usually the best artists that I have seen over the years were playing in a booth somewhere. One year, FMIC had Eric Johnson play. That was a superb show. There were maybe 100 of us in the room watching him perform. And it was a full length show, probably of an hour to 90 minutes. Fantastic. -Ric12string

Oh man, that has been the NAMM show I've measured all others by. I'm headed to Anaheim tomorrow morning for a work conference, then back to FL.

In between coming back out for NAMM, I'm taking Mrs. Bonedaddy to see Eric do the 'Ah Via Musicom' record live. Can't wait.


Fear that one or more of us won't get out for NAMM this year, all the way from Florida. -Olivia Anne

I'll be there this year again, will be great to catch up


Well, I found out why Gibson isn't going...

– crowbone

Good grief!


Well, Paul, do tell us all about all your gigs. I'm so fortunate to be bringing along some Gretsch endorsed players and other guitar loving friends. We'll want to hit your gigs, for sure. And, if you will be out by the 20th, please come join us for our third presentation of Imagine Something Yesterday.

This time, we'll have four of the former members of Wings, Laurence Juber, Steve Holley, Denny Seiwell, and Denny Laine, also of the Moody Blues. Add to that Hirsh Gardner of New England, Marky Lennon of Venice, several Gretschslingers and an After Party of Danilo Fiani from Rio, World Renowned George Tribute artist and Gretsch Endorsed Artist Gavin Leslie Pring of The Fab Four, and so many others that I get all het up just thinking about this year's fun.

Ricky-Bob, do you think we'll ALL get back on that balcony for our annual shot. Fear that one or more of us won't get out for NAMM this year, all the way from Florida.

In case any of you are inclined to come on the 20th, I'll post the flyer here. Or, you can let me know you want to join us.

Looking forward to the new offerings and to catching up with everyone.

All My Lovin, Olivia Anne

– Olivia Anne

Can I ride in your purse?


Well, I found out why Gibson isn't going...

– crowbone

First response: What the h-e-double toothpix are those??

Second thought: the product of a John Hall bad dream?

Final thought: I do kinda like the color of the one on the far right, but...


Fear that one or more of us won't get out for NAMM this year, all the way from Florida. -Olivia Anne

I'll be there this year again, will be great to catch up

– Bonedaddy

So Glad!


Thought I’d mention that two members of the band Venice, Kipp and Pat, are brothers of The Lennon Sisters, and they are cousins of Mark and Michael Lennon.

Also, the band Elvis Monroe have no Elvis connection in their music, just the name.

And Muriel...and friend. :)


Muriel is worth a trip to Anaheim all by herself, but I admit I’m kind of smitten.

While it is conceivable that one could assume that an attorney might employ some hyperbole in his description of the Darrel/Jeff/Duane Show last year, I have to say that Ric12String’s assessment is pretty spot-on. Truly unforgettable. When it was over, I walked out to the parking lot with Tom Ingram, who said “I’m going to book Duane for VLV next year,” and so he did.

For me, the highlight of the NAMM Show (beyond its intended purpose of showcasing new gear), is the frequent opportunity to see incredible musicians informally jamming, and almost as frequently, getting to meet and chat with them. The year Guild electric guitars made a comeback with FMIC, it was practically an honor to have Mike Lewis politely ask me to put the guitar down so Dave Gonzales could try them. That was quickly followed by an impromptu Guild demo by Dave, which, to put it mildly, was pretty dang cool.

And once in a really blue moon, you get to be part of those informal jams. There was a blue moon last year when I was standing in the Quilter booth talking with Chris, their CEO, and he handed me a guitar and said “Hey Frank, why don’t you jam with these guys,” and he plunked me down with a couple of guys who I quickly recognized as Kid Ramos and James Intveld (actually, I didn’t see James’ face until we were done; he was playing bass, wearing a hat, and looking down the whole time). If there hadn’t been video of it, I wouldn’t have mentioned it because no one would have believed me. Not going to try to top that this year, doubt I could.


And, Muriel Anderson is a really hands on artist, too. Her CD is in one of the coolest covers I ever have seen -- all the stars on the cover twinkle when you press it just so. SHE designed it like that. Like I said, she is lovely. And, Frank, you know me, so you will get a laugh when I admit that I, too, am a bit smitten with her.


I'll be in LA Thursday night.


I'll be in LA Thursday night.

– NJBob

Let's plan to connect, Bob. I know of something going on that you may well enjoy.

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