Modern Gretsch Guitars

Caddy Green, Crack and some Holes…


There is a crack that runs with the grain in the upper bout that needed to be addressed..


Paul wanted this to go T'Armond CC so a few holes needed to be plugged.


Left handed wiring will make you second guess life.


Damn! That looks like a brand new guitar. LOVE IT!!


I don´t know, where I´ve seen that color theme before

Great work ,Curt


This is amazing! Did you refinish it in nitrocellulose?


Outstanding job Sir!

There won't be another one like it thats for sure!


Royal Purple - Fit for a king. Great job!


Curt, you are truly a most gifted artist! I salute you, sir!


Thanks all.

Yes it's nitrocellulose lacquer, I wouldn't use anything else on a spruce top.

Paul Setzer built the pick guard and pickup spacers, quality work as always!


Some food for the PolyEster crowd. My beliefs about lacquer aren't some marketing thing, they have merit both sonically and it allows the transfer of moisture from the in inside and through the finish. The fact is I could have saved many hours finishing this in polyester. How many you ask? About eight hours spraying and a lot less energy as the booth would have only run for about an hour with miss ester vs. eight to ten with lacquer. This guitar sat for 12 days before it was sanded and buffed which took 6 hours yesterday to complete. With PE no sanding or buffing is required, maybe a spot here and there.


Looks great! Paul should be happy.


that turned out very nice, Curt. I like the color. very good job.


How do you scrape binding? Very carefully while holding a phone in the other hand.

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