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There's a guy that was in the South San Francisco bay area named Art Wiig (sp?). He had a small company that he ran out of his house called Wings Guitars or something like that. Anyway, ol' Art had an amazing amount of OEM, NOS, vintage, used, new and aftermarket Gretsch parts. He took my mid '90s 6120 and changed all of the gold to chrome/nickel back in the day. While not a luthier or one to do repairs/set-ups, he was an incredible source for parts.

Last I heard, he was retiring, maybe moving to the desert, or something like that. Anyone heard of him, heard about him, heard from him, etc? I'd love to catch up with him if possible, at least for the stories, and he's got a bunch...


4 months ago GDPer GGodmother posted:

As of November 3rd 2011, Art Wiggs sold me the rest of his vintage guitar parts. Please call A & D Music at (949) 768-7110 or email at admusic@cox.net for inquiries.

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