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Why sometimes it’s cool to be Australian


Thanks for the thoughts guys. Things are slowly getting back to normal. Time heals and all that - and cold beer helps.

Thinking about it, I suspect that Perth is a very decent place to live - but I'm not sure why you'd want to visit! I wouldn't imagine it would be a terribly exciting vacation destination. In summer the beaches are great - if you get there early enough. By 10.00 or 11.00am the "sea breeze" has come in and blows sand everywhere. So it's best to get there early. Bars are expensive by US standards and cocktails are very expensive and probably not very good - we are a beer and wine culture. And to buy alcohol - even beer - you have to go to a bottle shop. You can't buy any booze at a supermarket or drug store.

Perth is absolutely miles from anywhere. "Up north" is great in the dry season but is 3 1/3 hrs away by plane and very expensive to travel. The food is basic up there unless you catch your own fish! In the wet season it's often difficult to get around and it's so hot it's not pleasant. Perth is good all year 'round - I love winter here because it's so mild but still there's not much to see.

Perth was only founded by Europeans in 1829 so there isn't much in the way of a built history. No civil wars, no invasions, no big fortresses turned into museums. Most of the interesting old architecture got bulldozed in the 60s-80s to make way for mining company skyscrapers. The fascinating and horrifying history of the local indigenous people is not represented well anywhere, which is kinda shameful.

All the dangerous wildlife here is small and not particularly graceful. Sleeping lions? Lean, beautiful cheetah? Tireless, howling wolves? Enormous, incredible polar bear? Nope. Just tiny redback spiders in messy webs and nasty Tiger Snakes and Dugites. Not even crocodiles in Perth. We do have lots and lots of kangaroos, but unless you get in the way of a big male red kangaroo the worst is that they'll run away before you even see them.

Maybe I should move back to Melbourne!

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