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Who Likes The Bee Gees?


If I lived through this disaster, I can stand a little disco.

note: the documentary mercifully omitted this embarrassment.


Not sure if I could be considered a fan but I like some of their songs, you know the pop songs of the late 70s plus a few of their 60s songs.


Honestly, Tim, I’m sure most people can hear why the forced vibrato and odd tones can irritate.

But for me, having first heard their early stuff in the 1960s and being able to play it and sing it with my brothers forced my teenage cool aside long enough for BeeGees music to attach itself to my heart. We still sing these songs together, and Everley Bros, Beach Boys and Beatles, wishing we could make a little magic of siblings singing harmony.


There's also the halting delivery Barry G uses in so many songs (Words being chief amongst 'em). It's a vocal trick also adopted by Kenny Rogers (Tell It All), and it drove me bonkers when I was asked to learn how to do it.

And (perhaps sadly), I still can pull it off. Just tried, right here in the Family Room.. sigh


I found the vocal tic very handy. In high school I did a mean comic impersonation of Barry that killed. My motto. If you can’t sing pretty, sing funny.


There were several elderly females of my acquaintance during the BGeeeze first heyday who were afflicted by such tremulous interruption of their speech, more or less like a hard square-wave tremolo. They attributed it to "nerves."

What did I know. I hoped I wouldn't have nerves.

Anyway, when I heard the brothers G, I wondered if they were all congenitally afflicted. I felt sorry for them, grateful our family didn't have the problem, and gave them credit for the bravery of going into a field where they led with their disability.

I wondered why they'd want to, though.

Also, I knew why my top two front teeth overlapped a little - they worked perfectly well and my family wasn't about to spend money on vanity - but I hadn't yet learned about British Teeth. So I kinda felt sorry for whichever brother had the impressive overbite. I guessed maybe people just let them perform as a kind of family therapy but didn't pay them enough to fix his teeth.

Now that I know about British Teeth, I'm less mystified. Steve Howe kinda taught me all I need to know about that.


At one time, the world's most reviled band. I have a Blues/Americana band and we play maybe 3 carefully chosen covers a night...sometimes, Freddie, BB, Albert, Otis Rush, Little Willie John, Slim Harpo.... Sometimes we do To Love Somebody. Amazing song, amazing delivery from BG...Janis knew it, Nina Simone knew it... I was just in the right place at the right time to be in the middle of Disco Sucks, but I could never deny the genius of the BeeGees...I just didn't like it.


I was just thinking what if The Hollies and Gerry and the Pacemakers and Herman’s Hermits all successfully made the pivot from ‘60s teen heartthrobs to ‘70s disco gods? Someone far more talented than me needs to make an alternate universe album where this happened. It would be simultaneously hilarious and terrifying.

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