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Who is this bird?


My 85 year old mother captured this pic of an Eastern Screech Owl outside on her front porch. Pretty cool.


That’s a great picture your mom took. Thanks for posting.

Remember this owl? A very wise owl.


Watch out. It may have nefarious intentions.


Great picture!

We have Great Horned Owls in our neighborhood. They like to "Hoot" while sitting on our roof at night, you know ... like "Midnight"!

Big birds, big wingspan, but not very heavy compared to other Birds of Prey.

One of them actually checked me and our Bichon out late one evening.

She is a bit bigger than the rabbits that are everywhere around us, but worth the look...


"Owl be darned!"

Many Native Americans consider a visit from an owl a bad omen. Other folks feel just the opposite. A guy I know put up an owl house in his barn. Keeps the mice down.


I had a great horned owl perch outside my dorm room window for finals week. Grrrrrrrrr......Beautiful birds, but damn, I wanted to sleep......


A fine looking owl, I must say!


When I was just a kid, we had the little screech owls often land on the railing on our front veranda which was the full width of the house. We'd be having dinner when they'd let loose with a screech from about 15 ft away and even though the windows were closed most of the time, that noise would almost make us pee our undies. My mother would always jump in her chair. Once, she was in the process of swallowing and ended up shooting a mouthful of food across the table and on everyone!.....it was quite the scene. Hilarious thinking back on it! Owls sure are interesting, specially these little guys who have quite the voice for their size.


What? no letter from Hogwarts?


Owls are pretty rare in Hawaii, but they do live here and you hear them far more than see them. They are called Pueo here.


Beautiful animals. I wouldn't want to tangle with one.


There's a big barn owl flying around in my neighborhood. It scared the sh!t outta me once; I turned around and there's this meter-and-a-half wide bird flying right by...dead silent.

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