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Who is the handsomest man to sling a GreTscH?


The guitar:

– sascha

Ah, Mate it was just sold!


Did it actually sell?


Thanks, Tubs. How did I miss this? I wonder how much it went for.


I like the way Alex makes the Gretsch the classy guitar it should be.


I just noticed this topic, and never really checked it out before.

Don't be making fun of Paul Stanley. He may not be super handsome, but he's awesome.

The "Stanley-Gretsch" phase was just a short phase, aroused by a very mediocre ballad. Then again, all hard-rock ballads kind of blow.

Paul is secretly a handsome phantom!



As I am wont to do, I’ll champion a current player - I’ve always found Interpol’s Daniel Kessler to be easy on the eyes. Plus, they take the stage in suits. Always thought that added a message of professional pride to any musician’s presentation. Face it, give a good looking guy a guitar and a well tailored dark suit, and any of us would at least have a bit of a man crush.


I don't think I've ever seen Chris Isaak play a Gretsch. I don't doubt it - you can easily imagine him playing a Gretsch! Not sure how handsome he is either - I met him after a gig once and he was actually kinda funny looking. Don't get me wrong, I'm quite a fan and have seen him play a few times. He's a very funny guy, too.

So in an act of demonstrating sexual equality my vote goes to Poison Ivy. Best looking and coolest.

– JimmyR

Chris hasn't been seen playing it for awhile but his leather covered Gent was everywhere during the early part of his career. Along with the J-200.


Well that photo does nothing to back up my argument, but Chris Isaak also understands the value of wearing a sharp suit when he plays.


Tossup between Duane and Eddie Cochran....


I hope I look this good when I'm 74.

Nez in Nashville slinging his 12-string and sporting a GreTsch t-shirt.

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