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Where do guitars come from?


(Please hold comments till exposition is done. Lots of pics...)

But in today's story, they come from here...


Java. (Not the drink nor the programming language.)

You can't see it in GDP pics DAMMIT, but that's Bali immediately to the east.


Surabaya region.

2.9 million people live in Surabaya proper; 9.5 million in the larger metro area. As the capital of Java, it is the second largest city and port in Indonesia after Jakarta, and among the “cleanest and greenest” areas.


PT Cort Indonesia is actually mostly south and a little west of Surabaya, 41 km from Juanda International Airport.


You'd take this route, Rt 1 out of Surabaya merging onto Rt 24 / Jl Raya Surabaya-Malang.


Then you hang a left on Jl Kontrak, and just past the Warung Barokah restaurant on your right, take a left on Jl Ngoro, which will immediately take a hard right. Just keep going.

Take the fourth left onto a street with no name (you’ll know it’s the right street when you see PT Second Best Packing on the right).


Cort is located between the first and second spurs from Street with No Name, on the right, across the street from Villiger Tobacco. I believe it's the complex of buildings filing the small block at the left of the picture.

It's actually in Ngora, in a small industrial park outside town. Address:
Kawasan Berikat Blok G-5,6
Ngoro Industri Persada
Kec. Ngoro, Mojokerto
Jawa Timur 61385


The view down the Street With No Name (that I could find).

Cort has three factories: besides this one in Indonesia, there are plants in Korea and China. Cort makes 1,000,000 guitars a year. That's a million. We know Cort builds for many brands: Fender, Squier, Gretsch, G&L, Music Man, Schecter, Chapman, EVH, Jackson and Ibanez (to list a few), but also for high-end names like PRS and Strandberg.

How many come out of this small complex of long low-slung 2-story buildings (and the Ibanez annex a few doors down), I don't know. But a lot. Let's say a lot.


Through these gates...


We're here.

Gotta love the herringbone pavement with the decorative border.


Tim, nice posts. Have you been there?


The view from between the buildings.


Cort made a decent ES-1275 doubleneck copy. But where did Hondo from from... guessing 80s Japan.


I have only been there in imagination.

And it seems to be a much nicer locale than we think, when we consider it solely as a source of low-end guitars. We think of sweatshop conditions in workshops carved out of humid jungle, with trees cut down yesterday to make soggy unstable guitars today.

So I looked up the weather, and it reads more like paradise than purgatory. (All temperatures in F.)

• Average monthly highs between 88 and 92; record high 96
• Average monthly lows between 72 and 77; record low 58
• Daily mean between 79 and 83
• Driest month is August, with .6” of rain; wettest is Jan, at 13”; average rain for year is 69"
• 147 rainy days a year
• humidity ranges from 57% to 67%; average 62%


The factory is surrounded by scenic locations.


You can actually buy guitars with the Cort name on them.


This shot also taken from the immediate vicinity, with a better view of the peak (the name of which I haven't found).


Wildlife in the lane between two of the buildings.


Where Squiers come from.


Looks like they are surrounded by Krakatoa.


Well son, when a Daddy Guitar and a Mommy Guitar love each other very much.....

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