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What’s there to do in Kalamazoo?


If you were to stop in Kalamazoo for breakfast, are there any (guitar) sights you would consider essential?


The Old Gibson Factory is a Musuem...you'll need to figure out the details on how to get on a Tour.


That’s good to know, I’ll check it out.


Heritage Guitars is in part of the old Gibson factory. G.H. Squier is just down the road in Battle Creek. Lake Michigan's white sand beaches are just to the west. There are a lot of smaller lakes in the area as well. Go to Michigan's website to see all there is to do in SW Michigan---it's a beautiful area. My family lived in Dowagiac, and I used to work in Niles.


I may be wrong, but I believe the Bigsby plant is still located in Kalamazoo... At least for now.


I heard Elvis was living there,...Look him up! : )


I heard Elvis was living there,...Look him up! : )

– SJB66

Ran a bait shop, I've heard.


If you have a few hours, or you are headed that way, Elderly Instruments in Lansing, MI.

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