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What’s the best way to end the summer NAMM? Meet Deed and Duane Edd…


I went to the NAMM Friday & Saturday after being asked to play guitar for a friend who is a rep for Mayson guitars. I don't usually play steel string acoustics but didn't want to give up the chance to attend so agreed and I'm certainly glad I did. Of course the first place I went to was the Gretsch booth to see whats new and say hi to Joe Carducci of course. He told me to come back 2pm Saturday as Duane would be there so I duly did. He was giving a talk on his new guitars to the crowd who had gathered and looking around I noticed who I thought may be Deed so went over and asked if that was the case and yes it was. We all wear badges with our names on and as soon as she looked at my Taffy badge she knew exactly who I was and we had a good old hug and a chat. I was totally amazed she had any idea who I was so I really get it now when I've heard others say what a great lady she is.

After Duane's talk he said he'd meet with everyone for a photo op so I got in line. When my turn came I told Duane what a pleasure it was to meet him and Deed stepped up and told him all about me and my guitar playing and my being friends with Richard Hudson which again totally bowled me over that she would go out of her way to do that.

So thanks Deed and Duane you made my NAMM visit end on a very high note


Heres some more pics


And Joe of course


I forgot to mention I also met Fred Gretsch and his wife.


Great stuff Paul! Glad you got to meet up with Duane and Deed and had a great time. Nice of Deed to tell Duane all about your You Tube work. Next up is the CAAS Convention where you're sure to be a hit there.


With Deed

– Taffy

This one's worth framing!


Yes Dave it really was great meeting both


That is so cool!


Well, you're family now. With your chops and general first-class-gentlemanliness, you already were. But now it's official. Onward and upward!


Not bad for a boy from Cardiff

Well chuffed for you Taffy.


Good for you Paul, I hope to meet Deed and Duane someday!


Great story. Thanks for sharing.


Awesome, Taffy! What a great experience!


So cool. Truly a cool day, eh?


Now, that's the kind of stuff I like to read and hear about.


Awesome. Met them several times, first at NAMM in '02 and later at events for Scotty. Great people. Glad you enjoyed the show.


Cool. I know the feeling. Munman introduced me to Deed a few years ago at StreetSounds. She then introduced me to Duane. We spoke for several minutes. It was like meeting old friends. You’d have to search high and low to try to find a nicer couple. Congrats


Thanks for sharing! You truly deserve the accolades. I'm also blown away by your seemingly effortless command of the guitar.


Well, you met all the Gretsch royalty in a short span of time. Well done! Perhaps the last remaining one would be Brian Setzer. Tavo can introduce you to him sometime.

You deserve all the acknowledgment and accolades that come your way, Taffy. You are a great player who is as humble as the day is long. I can't wait to hear what they have to say about you after you attend the CAAS convention.


What a great way to start the day reading this awesome thread. My face hurts from smiling so big! Right ON!

Very happy for you Taffy and thanks for sharing. I think all of our lives are better for being part of this forum fam and that Deed & Duane Eddy are so gracious with their friendship, being active in our community along w Gretsch Guitars #1 asset, Uncle Joe C.!

ps. even Ric12string makes life better w his cutting remarks about me introducing you to Brian Setzer :):)


Wait a minute! I'm humble too! (With good reason, I might add.)

In fact, the personal trait I'm most proud of is my humility!


That's brilliant Paul!


Thanks guys really cool to read your comments and btw it was worth leaving los Angeles for this one day alone

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