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What would you get?


I'm with Zigracer - if you can afford it and it makes you happy just do it. A great guitar is more fun to play even if you're not (insert whoever you think is a great guitar player). A great guitar makes you want to pick it up more often, play more often, learn new tunes, write new songs. And guess what? You get better as a result.

That's my theory and I'm sticking with it. I can't afford a Ferrari (an don't actually want one) but I can afford the Ferrari of guitars.


To answer your question, my pic is a Tele. If you pick the right one for you, it might be your workhorse and allot of fun to play.


Got lots of Teles ,Strats,a couple of offset Fenders,Gretsches,and a couple of Gibsons.Most of them have been my main work guitar at one time or another, so IMO a player should have one(or several) of all the icons,because one's tastes-and the needs of the band- change over time.


I’ve always felt that this is a must have guitar


I’ve always felt that this is a must have guitar

– Hipbone

Yep. Just stunning. But would have to try it first. I wanted to buy one and was excited when one turned up at a local guitar store . Unfortunately, it was awkwardly tail heavy kept rolling off my lap - neck going straight up. I had to grip my left hand tightly on the neck to balance the thing.

Sorefingers - I’d check out epiphone casinos .


The Epi 335 just isn't that different from your 5122. It'll sound different - and of course that's what it's all about - but if you back off the tone on your 5122 to darken it, it will be a fair approximation of the 335. - Proteus

Tim, he said he had a 5220. That's more like a Pro Jet. That leaves many more options. I would start looking in the Electromatic line at the myriad of 5420s or 5422s. Or even at the various Starfire options in the Guild Newark Street series. Hard to go wrong with a MIM Tele.


Man! Bad misread on my part. Yes, by all means a semi or a hollowbody would make also sense as a next choice.


Guys thanks seriously thinking of a semi. Not considered the guild - I’ll have a look at thanks.


To answer your question, my pic is a Tele. If you pick the right one for you, it might be your workhorse and allot of fun to play.

– Hogman

Words of wisdom


"You Don't Always Get What You Want"---Rolling Stones.


Guys. Thanks for the responses My skills aren’t that great and couldn’t justify the cost of a Gibson. I am leaning towards a hollow body. Listening to a lot of Joe Bonamassa, Joanne Shaw Taylor, Chris Stapleton. Maybe an Epi 335. Next step work on the Mrs - “Yes I really do need it.”

– Sorefingers

SKILLS??? What do skills have to do with buying guitars. If skills were the determining factor, I'd still be playing my Harmony.


Words of wisdom

– Sorefingers

That's a great video Sorefingers, it makes a lot of sense. I decided, many years ago, that I was obsessing with trying to sound like my guitar heros, and that was not a good thing. It is far easier to sound like myself, than trying to sound like another guitarist. I resently thinned down to 5 electric guitars, 2 acoustic guitars, a violin, a mandolin and a banjo.

I decided a long time ago that life is too short to play low quality instruments. As long as it doesn't take food from the table, I would rather have fewer high quality instruments, than a bunch of lower quality instruments. So I end up with some pretty good choices.

My electric guitars are : My fathers very old (1959) black P-90 Gibson Les Paul (way too much sentimental value to ever let go).

2019 Gibson Les Paul Classic in heritage cherry sunburst, with Burstbucker 61 pickups (great guitar and a must have at least one of, any model). This guitar has the tone of the 70's rock music, and just can't be found anywhere but in the real deal.

2017 Fender American Elite Stratocaster HSS (another great guitar in any configuration or model). It has the Tim Shaw Humbucker in the bridge position and 4th generation noiseless single coil pickups in the middle and neck positions. The "Shawbucker" is an incredibly well designed pickup, it is very well balanced with the single coil pickups, and it retains the spanky Strat sound these guitars are loved for.

2018 walnut Gretsch 5422TG (my goto for fingerstyle playing), with the Blackface Filtertron pickups.

And my wine red 1980 Suzuki Les Paul'ish hot rod with high gain Dimarzio pickups (everyone needs a hot rod guitar ;).

I really only need 3 of these electric guitars, to cover most tonal possibilities IMO. I need 1 Fender guitar, 1 Gibson guitar and 1 hollow body Gretsch guitar.

The difference between an Epiphone Les Paul and a Gibson Les Paul is huge IMO (I've owned both). The Gibson Les Paul is a stellar instrument, and pushes me to play it, while I tire rather quickly of an Epiphone Les Paul. The Epiphone just didn't have the MOJO for me, I found it lacking in both playability and dynamic response. The Gibson Les Paul just sounds and plays better for me, and the whole instrument vibrates, whereas the Epiphone I had felt dead. I'd rather have the least expensive Gibson Les Paul (studio model), than the most expensive Epiphone Les Paul (one of the deluxe models). They cost the same, but the studio Gibson Les Paul is just a better sounding and playing instrument IMO. The Gibson Studio Les Paul has everything that makes the Les Paul great, minus the body and neck binding and bling found on the higher priced Gibson Les Paul's.

I need my Stratocaster for all the spanky goodness they are known for. I don't have a Telecaster, but I'd love to have one because it is a hard tail. Strats behave wonky during string bending, all of the unplayed strings detune flat and need to be palm muted during string bends because of the floating bridge. It also requires you to bend a string further than a hard tail guitar, because the bridge moves during bending. You're fighting against the springs, some people block the bridge, but why have a Stratocaster with a disabled vibrato? For me, a Stratocaster is a must have instrument. The new two post vibrato system is awesome!

I need my hollow body Gretsch guitar for what they excel at, fingerstyle playing! Nothing beats a Gretsch hollow body for fingerstyle picking, they just sound amazing. I like the Bigsby, it's a totally different type of vibrato than a stock Strat or Floyd Rose vibrato. It's great for adding a shimmering vibrato to chords, it's unique.

I have two acoustic guitars, an old Kalamazoo Epiphone mahogany back and sides, with a spruce top. I put an LR Baggs Anthem True Mic pickup system in it about 3 years ago. It's a great sounding and playing instrument

I also have a 2015 Seagull Artisans acoustic guitar. It has cherry back and sides and a spruce top. It came with the Godin QT1 pickup system, with an on board preamp, EQ and tuner. It's a lovely guitar, and sounds beautiful.

I've had my German Jacob Stainer violin for over 40 years. It's a great handmade fiddle, and has served me well. It's a far better instrument than I am a violinist, it was sold to me by a family friend, who grossly under priced it. I believe that they knew that, and were giving a young violinist a huge break.

I inherited my 1972'ish MIJ Kentucky mandolin and my 1920's Gibson tenor banjo, when my grandfather passed away 15 years ago. I put a lot of effort into learning to play these instruments, and they are precious to me.

I'm gassing for a new Fender Precision Bass, mine got stolen in 2011, and I miss it terribly. I love playing the bass, and I need to get another one. I had health issues this last decade, so I had bigger fish to fry.


i really liked having 2 Strats before i had to sell one, because i could set up one with the bridge floating and have another (my main Strat) with the vibrato pretty much immobilized with all 5 springs. at some future point i'm going to put another one together...i REALLY need a guitar where i can bend chords down more than a half-tone. which is to say a Strat or a Jazzmaster.


For tone? A Strat...preferably the SRV model. BUT...be prepared for a thin neck at the nut.

Tone + Feel for great versatility? a '14 or '13 LP Traditional. The '59 reissue pups are great


In place of that Gibson LP, try an Eastman goldtop SB59-GB. Not as heavy, similar pups.. Seymour Duncan Classic '59: https://www.eastmanguitars....

I also love the Eastman semi-hollow line. Very wide at the nut: 1.75" .... They don't have as many options as years past that included more models and some with P90s


If it's a hollow body you're leaning towards and you're trying not to break the bank perhaps a Casino is in order.


Well if it is to be a hollow my vote would be for a USA Guild Starfire III. Extremely well made, can be found very affordably, incredibly versatile and easy to play. Neck pickup can do smokey blues and even jazz, bridge can twang, sound like Freddie King or sound like George Thorogood. Comfortable too. Sounds similar to a Casino at times so great for Beatles tunes.

You can often find a Guild Westerly Starfire III for not too much more than $1200. Saw one online recently at Elderly Instruments.


you can find used ones for less on Reverb. they've got several used Aristocrats up right now for <$700.

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