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What The Heck–Lee Hazlewood, REALLY? <ME??


My musical history began in the mid-'60's with groups like Paul Revere & the Raiders, and of course, The British Invasion. I never really got into groups from the '50's or guys like Elvis, Chet (gasp!), etc. Even so, I would like to think that I have always been pretty open minded, and I tend to really like artists that are not hugely popular...or, at least I liked them before they got hugely popular and usually my interest would then wane as I found someone new...so.....

...it's really weird to me that lately I've been really...I mean REALLY, REALLY getting into Lee Hazlewood.

If my parents had played me this stuff back in the day, I would have immediately dismissed it as too schmaltzy, kitschy, country or corny and not given it a chance....but, NOW....now I can't get enough of it!

I often visit various music blogs, and found several postings about Lee, so, I decided well, if THESE guys like him, maybe I should at least listen. I also have a Tidal subscription, so I pulled up some of his stuff, and started at what appeared to be "the beginning"...and somehow, I got hooked. First, his LP titles are hilarious. "The Not So Very Important People", "Trouble Is A Lonesome Town", "Love & other Crimes". Then, when I listened...his intro stories on the early records are also very entertaining in that off kilter humor sort of way that I appreciate.

I also read some of his interviews and gotta say that I like his attitude...he seemed to be a cantankerous character...found out that he worked with Duane Eddy (and, I can definitely hear Duane on some of the tunes).

I even like the stuff he did with Suzie Hokum and Nancy Sinatra.

I bought the CD package called "There's A Dream I've Been Saving" which is the entire output of his work at Lee Hazlewood Industries. Of course, I had to search out the Deluxe version so I could get all the bonus material. Now I am in the process of filling in the blanks getting the rest of his stuff that I can find.

So, I guess I am way, way late to the party, but I am caught up in my excitement of discovering a "new" (to me at least) artist that I really appreciate and wanted to share!

(Or, maybe I am just getting "old"...lol)

I think tonight, I'll have a Chivas Regal, in Lee's honor!


I love Lee’s music. Was reading a biography of his a while back and he wasn’t always a pleasant person. Had an inter sting section in there on him recording Duane.


Years ago, I did a fully orchestrated cover of 'Summer Wine'. I sang Lee's part and had help from a lady I've never met, who did Nancy's vocals. I have been a fan of Lee's voice and personna since the 60's. Seemed like a pretty cool dude.


I like a lot of his music! My previous band used to play (and recorded) "it's dark in my heart", could have been a Roger Miller tune, if Roger Miller had been (even) darker and more nihilistic.


It's guys with that burled mahogany baritone. They can't help going a little dark. I dig it.

And when you go far enough down that noir avenue, you end up in Leonard Cohen's kitchen, where it's raining inside.

What redeems all such material is the sardonic but genuine humor.


excellent compilation of boss instro's

i just yesterday posted dick dales great track from this cd in the dick dale hospitalized thread



Tangentially related: I think somewhere either my mother or I have an Astronauts 45 squirreled away. I guess they were pretty popular in Phoenix in the day.


The “Shazam” project listed above should truthfully read “and other instrumentals Co-written by Duane Eddy and Lee Hazlewood.”


Summer Wine and Some Velvet Morning are always on one or other of my playlists.


I got into Lee Hazlewood when he started working with Nancy Sinatra.


The “Shazam” project listed above should truthfully read “and other instrumentals Co-written by Duane Eddy and Lee Hazlewood.”

– Deed Eddy

Deed makes a fair point , getting half the story is not good enough ! Especially where " Shazam " is concerned , covered by the Shadows . In London last October I saw Bruce Welch get up on stage and join Duane , in a great rendition ! ---- Having said that for those of us that bought Duane's records from the early days . - There seemed to be something magical in Lee's name . Clearly in the fullness of time , the magic manifested itself in wider musical terms . With the likes of Nancy ect . The great trio weaved magic with " She Won't " - That I believe was co-written !


If memory serves Lee played bass for Duane on some live gigs, including (again, if memory serves) an "American Bandstand" appearance circa 1958 where they played "Forty Miles of Bad Road".....live. Deed, does any of that ring a bell?


Lee never played a bass. With Duane or anyone else. Perhaps you’re thinking of Al Casey, who was on the road with Duane very briefly a time or two.


She Won't was co-written by Duane and Billy Falcon.


Lee Hazelwood was another one of those names I've been meaning to get around to -- for decades -- but y'know, there's always some list of stuff you mean to get to and invariably you lose the list. And I did it with this thread too. So i'm driving yesterday and listening to my favorite broadcast radio station (KKUP) and this familiar Twang starts coming out of the speakers. Duane of course but I've not heard this before and a low baritone voice starts singing "The Girl on Death Row." Literally jaw-dropping. Got home and immediately checked out She Won't and it's brilliant and epic. I'm hooked.


he certainly was a character, wasn't he? in the past i've called him "America's Serge Gainsbourg."


I'm all in! Still on "the kick" listening to him pretty much everyday almost exclusively. I use a program called ROON for my music library and that integrates a TIDAL subscription...I will pick out an LP by Lee, i.e. "Requiem For An Almost Lady"...and when that LP ends, ROON will start its "radio" program where it picks out similar artists/songs and continues to play.

Some of my favorite Lee tunes:

  • If It's Monday Morning (great bass lines)
  • She Comes Running
  • What's More I Don't Need Her
  • I Move Around
  • When A Fool Loves A Fool

I am also currently reading the book "Lee, Myself and I" and in the on deck circle I have Lee's book "The Popes' Daughter" (which appears to be a bit silly from browsing a few pages).


he certainly was a character, wasn't he? in the past i've called him "America's Serge Gainsbourg."

– macphisto

Serge is someone else I plan to give a try....AFTER my obsession with Lee calms down!

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