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What music gear did you miss out on?


On Saturday someone had an ad on Kijiji for a $400 pedal for $60. I already have two of them, but I have plans for a third one.

I'm kicking myself. It had to be stolen, right? [It was definitely stolen, being sold without the power supply.] I check Kijiji almost everyday. How did it slip by? I was so busy this weekend.

A few years ago, someone posted an ad for a similar pedal at around 8pm or later [it was an ok but not stupid low price]. It was already 10pm when I saw it, I looked up the phone number, found out it was a bookstore which opened at 9am the next morning.

I was there at 8:45am when the guy opened the door. "You have this pedal for sale?" "Sorry, it's sold already." How was that possible?? I was speechless.

I had one of that similar pedal in my hands in a music store 20 years ago, but neither I nor the store knew what it was at the time.

I've seen traces of about four other ads over the years. Someone out there is obviously much better at this than me!


I've missed out on apartments like that, never a pedal though.

I still kick myself for not buying a USA Reverend guitar when they were $500. I bought a LP Special instead.


How about gear that must be stolen?

I wonder how much of it is stolen.

There was someone here selling the whole line of similar Taylor acoustics, a 314, 414, 514, 714.


I had a guy on c'list try to sell me a Traynor Bassmaster recently. It was listed at like $300 originally. I expressed some interest, but decided against it as I needed money for holiday travels. The guy kept pestering me for a quick sale, eventually lowering his price to $75. At that point the whole thing seemed fishy so I told him to forget about ti.


Well, I didn't buy my brother's 1962 Stratocaster in 1969 when he put it up for sale for $200. Come to think of it, his 1962 Princeton Reverb, his 1970 Super Reverb...Who knew? I guess many of us of a certain age have such stories. I didn't but Apple stock, either.


Had a beat to death '52 LP Goldtop that I paid $400 for...it came along with a Roland Space Echo.

Sold the guitar the following year for $500.00

Thought I made a fortune.


There is a Vintage Shop in Philly...as best I can tell it has now changed hands...new name seems different.

Lots of famous customers back in the day. The owner and his wife? were always a bit ornery and indifferent despite my best schmoozing.

For a while there in the last decade I had stayed on the lookout for a nice 19th century Parlor guitar, within my budget, etc., and their inventory was on my radar. I try to collect guitars from different eras, genres, musical styles more so than a theme.

They only had "by appointment" hours.

So, I finally see something that fits the bill, I call, can't get in to see them for couple days. I tell them what I am I interested in. I'll be there. And I'd get the chance to look around, see what else might be curious...

The day comes to drive down, make a day trip of it, lunch out, I call to tell them my ETA...Guitar no longer available...and they made no effort whatsoever to explain themselves.

I just checked the website, lots of Parlor guitars....None I'll ever find interesting enough to call again.

Glad I called to confirm that morning...


Well if we include guitars...

In 2008 when I bought my 5120, Rocky @ Streetsounds NYC still had one or two remaining Bamboo and Copper Mist NOS 6118T - 120 Anniversary's -- complete with TV Jones from the factory for $1400.00 case included.

Didn't think I could swing an extra $500 - $600 at the time. In hindsight, I should have bit the bullet and bought one of those instead.


Forty years ago, a buddy offered me a Ric 12 for $250. I was in college, getting married, and just couldn't justify the expense.

Still have the wife, so, I've got that going for me.


An XK-140 Drop Head Coupe for $750, a 300SL Gullwing for $3500, and an XKE coupe for $3000.


I'm guessing you've seen what those 300SL Gullwings go for nowadays?


I haven't come across any misses like that. I was reviewing an ukulele one time, though, and knew I would feel that way if it slipped past. I returned it and told the shop that I would really appreciate it if they held it on the side for a while. The owner knew it was a return, and offered a good deal that my wife had no problem with and I drove back to pick it up.

I still play it all the time, but I would have been crushed if it had been sold to someone else.


BZ, I missed a'59 XK-150 coupe for $400. I'd just bought a '63 Impala days earlier. In the Sixties, you could get a decent used car for reasonable prices.


 Around 1963-64 I could have bought a "mint" condition (only slightly used) White Penguin for $400. I think it would have been a late 50's model (single cutaway, hump-block fret markers).

I turned the deal down -- I'd never seen nor heard of the model, so I assumed it must have been junk made up from scrap parts at the Gretsch factory in Brooklyn.

More than 50 years later, I still wake up some nights sweating and screaming.....!


A few Pre CBS Fender Strat's and Tele's back in the 90's.

One day in my local i was telling them about dreaming of getting hold of a 1955 6120 some day ,and the guy tells me he was going to be calling one of his pals in England who had a large inventory of vintage guitars and he would ask if he knows of any,when he did the guy in the UK says "You'll never believe who is standing in front of me right now with that very guitar for sale",it was Ray Davies of The Kinks! I even heard him shout down the phone "Tell him i'll sign it for him if he buys" He wanted £5000 ,which i didn't have.

There was also a 1964/65 Rickenbacker 1997 locally,it had changed tuners and a missing trem arm,and from the same shop as the 6120 was another Rickenbacker, this time a 1964 360/12OS in Fireglo,just like George's !

I just couldn't get the money together for most of them ,other times i just wasn't quick enough.


In 1969 a coworker offered me a Strat for $275. He said it was 15 years old. I had stopped playing by that time and said no but set him up with a friend who bought it. I haven't seen him in over ten years. He just laughed when I asked about the guitar.


Don't worry about this stuff. If something seems too cheap or too good or whatever - it usually is too good to be true. It's usually either stolen, broken, mis-represented, whatever. It's just gear.

I would rather have my beautiful, happy wife than any guitar in the world.

Did I just say that??


Didn't happen to me but to a buddy.

He bought all of the Slingerland drum co.'s machinery from Gretsch. He met up with a representative, who was quite a jerk, he said, and packed it all up. At the end of the transaction, he offered my buddy all of the dies to the fifties and sixties Gretsch Guitars for another $5000! My bud couldn't come up with the cash soon enough or he'd have bought them.


For me it's the other way around and it's not limited to musical gear.

If I go out and buy something it will be on sale a week later.


Back in '90 i picked up a '67 Rickenbaker 335 for $400. It was in a local shop on consignment, they didn't look at it too closely, and the owner of the guitar must have found it in the closet; because they had it listed as a '74. I had to borrow $200 from my dad, who charged me interest and gave me a speach about the value of a dollar and how electric guitars are as dangerous as motorcycles....Guess how many of them I have....wink wink....

About a year later,I was still in highschool, they had a single pickup Annie up there for $500. I didn't have the money, but it was the first Gretsch I ever played. I wanted it, but couldn't sit through the speach about the value of a dollar, safety of electric guitars, or how interest works.......

About a year after that lost gretsch, I finally had a job, and a credit card...I went to a shop I never had been to before, and they had this Gibson '50 arch top guitar with a single soapbar on it for 400 bucks. Went home, did some math. I went back the next day and it was gone....long gone....I use to remember the model number, but it was twenty some odd years ago.....


Oh my.

The black "dark eyes" 56' 6120 owned and played by Chet. It was on the table at load in Dallas 93'. Guitar Emporium had it out for sale. Had the COA letter with it.

Timm Kummer said "Fred you really should get this one" I was unsure to say the least. It wasn't a players 6120 and I had no concept of its heritage. It was 4500.00.

I walked away and it was sold when i came back.

Most of us know the story on it from here on out.


All three were in great condition.


Oh yes,another one i remember was a used Gibson ES295 reissue,that was in Music Ground in the UK during the 90's,they had it advertised in Guitarist magazine for £750 ,when i called it had just gone,closest i've ever came to getting a 295 .

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