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What Gretsch Owners Do For A Living


Yes, they have the Roundup Ready trait, I'm surprised that a Detroit boy would know about such things...


I'm planning to get my masters degree as a brewing engineer and work in research and the creation of new beers.>

Best Job on the Thread!!

I'm a home brewer, but I specialize in Mead. I even wrote a book about it!


Mild mannered manager in the daytime; aging rock star in my dreams (at least my kids think so). Former mailman, real estate sales, clerk, etc.


As little as humanly possible! Actually, I am the Assistant Security Supervisor for the Wells Fargo Vault here in Las Vegas. Since there are only 4 of us, that's a pretty empty title, but what the hey... Have been here for 15 years now, and it is a great job for a retired Air Force combat engineer (yes, they have them- RED HORSE squadrons). I spent 24 years building stuff (and occasionally blowing stuff up), from Vietnam thru Desert Storm. After I retired, I was a field tech for a geotechnical engineering company here for 5 years. That's a young man's job, though; after being rode hard and put away wet for so long, I just couldn't do it any more. A friend's wife mentioned this job at the bank, and I jumped on it. Basically, we're here JUST IN CASE. I mean, really- who's stupid enough to try and rob a bank vault- especially with all the casinos here? To keep busy, we let armored cars in and out, and sign in visitors and repair people- it's amazing how often the cash counting machines break down (but we work them VERY hard). Oh, and we have to walk around occasionally, and look vaguely menacing, just to remind everyone that 'Security is on the job!' (hey, I don't make the rules.) On the whole, it's a pretty good gig, and as long as I can keep qualified with the sidearm, I plan on doing this for a loooong time.


Former infantryman, bouncer, Juvenile Probation Officer, teacher (jr. high Social Science and college ESL both here and abroad) and currently a Right of Way Agent...


Henchman for an evil supervillian. Not a career I chose from school but just kind fell into in when their lair opened up in town. Meh, it pays the bills and henchmen never really die in movies. And when it's all said and done it's only the boss that gets put in the slammer by the superhereos. I'm still waiting for my bonus when we conquer the world......

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