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What gear did you play your first gig with?


September, 1983 the Trouble Boys made their debut at a Frat Party at the University of Illinois. I played my '66 Hagstrom 1 (lower right hand corner) , and then traded off for a '65 dakota red Fender Mustang through a Fender Tremolux piggyback, both which I had borrowed from my buddy Tom for the gig.


Was late 60s or early 70s (I’m terrible with timelines). Was a CYO coffeehouse (bonus points for knowing what CYO is LOL), one mic plugged into the house PA, maybe 10-15 non-interested patrons. I was freaking terrified.

My gear was a used and very abused Gibson J-160E, which I was planning to ditch as soon as I could afford a Martin. Knobs we’re gone, finish was checked, don’t know if the pickup worked because I wasn’t sure what it was for (wow).

Would love to have that guitar today

– Jazzhands11

CYO---Catholic Youth Organization

How many points do I get, and what can I get for them?


For my first gigs as a drummer, I played a Capitan (made by Pearl) 4 piece kit with a 14" Zildjian hi-hat, 18" Zildjian heavy ride and 16" Paiste crash

As a guitarist, I played a Gibson ES-125 (deep body, no cutaway) through a Fender silverface Bassman with a 2x12" cabinet.

As a keyboardist, a Rhodes Stage 73 through the same Bassman as above.


It was march 5th 1995... I borrowed an Epiphone Joe Pass (Because I could) and played it straight through a Peavey Backstage 50. I brought my Legend Stratocaster copy as a backup. I still have that amp...


First real gig(not basement parties where we play for drinks and food) Cherry Hill New Jersey at a place called Valentino's, a joint run by the Gambino crime family.

A triple bill. We opened for Dick Tracy and The Vels.

My rig was a '59 Fender Duo-Sonic into a Memory Man, Twister phase shifter, a Rat going through a Kustom Lead III...which killed any chance of good sound.

Very early 80's, but don't remember what year exactly. We were called the Speedliners


I don't know what counts as a gig either, but if it means a paying gig, that would be 1981 in Providence, RI. The gear I used for several gigs hired as a percussionist was a snare drum, two timpani, and various other percussion instruments. First paying gig playing (term used loosely) guitar and singing was in '96. My equipment consisted of a Yamaha FG-100 acoustic guitar, an EQ pedal used for boost, a Peavey powered mixer, Sound Tech speakers and an old Ross piano amp used for a monitor. Still have the piano amp.


It was probably...(definitely)...at either a Jr. High School "Teen Town" dance, or at a place called Highland Park Skating Rink (roller skates) that had bands play after the weekend evening skating sessions.

The amp was either like the pictured Sears Silvertone pictured, or very similar, and the guitar was a used Fender Stratocaster...early 60's with a maple neck that was kind of messed up in the higher fret areas (it would choke out and the local repair guy...also my guitar teacher at the time..could not fix it so it was eventually traded in towards an Epiphone Casino).

The band was called The Blue Knights....lol.


My first "gig" was a middle school musical review in 7th grade. It was sort of a retrospective going decade by decade. I was a beginner guitarist and my best friend had taken up drums. I convinced a couple other kids to take up guitar and bass and got the music teacher to let us perform as the Beatles for the 1960s section. My mom had her seamstress make us gray collarless jackets (still have it) and we did "Twist and Shout." I was playing a black Rickenbacker 320 through a small SS Peavey combo.


CYO---Catholic Youth Organization

How many points do I get, and what can I get for them?

– wabash slim

Winner, winner! 10,000 bonus points, which puts you into a draw for 50 Canadian Tire Dollars. Draw date TBD ...

Nice catch, BTW. Didn’t figure anyone would know.


I was 14 or 15 when I played the first gig. It was at a mental hospital and I used this Pyramid. the amp must have been a Silvertone; borrowed, I think. I remember the amp because it had a spiral on the grill cloth; very 60s.


My first "Gig" if you want to call it that was playing some instrumentals for some friends. I used a Harmony H-76 with a small Magnatone amp (8" speaker with Tremolo). The first time I played for strangers was in 1965-66 with a Strat and a Deluxe Reverb.


1962 Fender Princeton, '72 Fender Telecaster Deluxe

To get some dirt I used an Electro Harmonix LPB-1

This is the guitar, but can't see my amp in the picture, this was about a year after we started... https://i.imgur.com/Uw0qWTB...


My first gig was a big house party. We were a standard four piece and I was the singer/rhythm guitarist. We set up in the back yard and the coppers shut us down after either the second or third song.

The drummer and bass player got to hang out, party and chat up the girls while the lead guitarist and I had to set up in the living room and entertain everyone.

I had an Epiphone Sheraton and Fender Princeton Chorus (that came with a footswitch for chorus and distortion) and, as I recall, a little Peavey amp and cheap Fostex mic for vocals.


1962 Fender Princeton, '72 Fender Telecaster Deluxe

To get some dirt I used an Electro Harmonix LPB-1

This is the guitar, but can't see my amp in the picture, this was about a year after we started... https://i.imgur.com/Uw0qWTB...

– Daniel Weldon

Mine was with a Telecaster Deluxe as well. Same mocha color with maple neck, no idea what year it was. But through a Sears Silvertone Twin Twelve and probably with a borrowed MXR Distortion +.


A plywood BC Rich Warlock and an Aria Twin Drive combo.


Gracie's Inn, Lyndonville Vermont. We were the house band, every Friday and Saturday. I made more each Weekend than I made in my first Full-time job in NYC, A Borrowed Strat and a Silvertone 1484. Mott's Men. Our record is in You Tube.


My first gig with a band was as a singer only. I sang through a Fender Twin that with the mic plugged into the 2nd input while a guitar was plugged into the 1st input. That was fun.

My first gig with guitar was with my BST and a Dean Markley 60w SS amp with a Digitech GSP21. Boy, weren't those the days. So glad I found this Forum. You guys made me spend money, but it was well worth it.


Some fantastic photos here! Journeyman your pic is awesome. I wish I had a photo of me like that. It looks like a still from a David Lynch film. I mean that in a good way.


Framus Fret Jet through a Lafayette 1x12 combo. Still have the Framus, wish I had the Lafayette.


Nice catch, BTW. Didn’t figure anyone would know. Jazzhands11

Actually, I knew too. I learned what the CYO was from the Frank Zappa album "Joe's Garage". There was a track called "Catholic Girls", which wasn't particularly flattering to these young 'Ladies', but very funny nonetheless!


My first guitar gig was with a Suzuki LP through a Fender 75 Lead Amp. It was for the 4th of July celebration at S.H.A.P.E (Supreme Headquarters Alied Powers Europe), in Mons Belgium. It was a huge celebration put on by the American (US) contingent, with an international attendance of over 15,000 people (it was open to the public). It had a proper stage, 5 feet off the ground, and a huge sound system. We felt like rock stars, but were all nauseated with the nervous jitters as well! I forced myself up onto the stage, looked out at the sea of faces, and nearly fainted. It was just turning twilight, so I focused on one of the bright lights illuminating the stage, and the crowd disappeared. I was okay after that, and enjoyed the gig immensely.

I was a band geek during high school, and played the acoustic guitar, but I never played an electric guitar until I was stationed overseas. I was 20 years old and it was a huge learning curve, but I transitioned into the electric guitar and never looked back. I still play the acoustic guitar, of course, but far less than the electric guitar.


Hmmm... was that really SHAPE or was it actually SMERSH??

What did you think of the Fender 75? Still have it?


Hmmm... was that really SHAPE or was it actually SMERSH??

What did you think of the Fender 75? Still have it?

– JimmyR

I still have it, Jimmy! It's stacked on a Fender 4x12" cabinet, and was my main rig until about 10 years ago. It's a very loud pure tube amplifier (with a solid state power supply) with a 15"speaker and spring reverb, it made a very good pedal platform. I like it very much, though it a beastly 65 lbs plus the cabinet!


1st song was the played on my 100+yo double bass (still have it), rest of the set on my Vox Standard 24 guitar (still have it, or rather have it again as I sold it and bought it back a few years later) through a solid state Echoman echo box (still have it).

Amp was a Selmer Tru-Voice Bass Master 50 (which my best friend has).

Don’t know what ever happened to the 2x12 cab though.


Japanese gear at the age of 13: Hondo II HL760S ("Stratocaster") and Yamaha JX20 amp. I still have them. The year was 1981, played rhythm in the guitar school band, at the local communal house...

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