Miscellaneous Rumbles

What do you get crossing a harp with a shipwreck…


Shes amazing, and it is an amazing instrument I cant even describe. If that show comes around I WILL go watch...priceless!

Half harp half cymbalom half guitar half Veena half .... shipwreck.

Listen to the following covers.

"While my shipwreck gently wheeps" Link

Sultanas of Pwiing. Link

That instrument has the soul and character of a Gretsch for sure! I keep on seeing a G on the mast or the stern or whatever it is called on that galley.


Been watching her videos for quite some time. Very entertaining. Didn't she make an appearance at SXSW recently?


Never seen her, but she sure does something unique. I wonder what George Harrison would have said if he was alive. Harrison usually plays with sound and makes certain sections darker sounding for contrast within a song.

When she moves to the smaller instrument for the chorus, it was just so Harrison changing the tone. Absolutely captured Harrison's technique.

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