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What Device Do the Car Thieves Use



Car theives in California are using a handheld device to turn on dome lights and open doors. The story says the police are unsure what the device is.

Is it something used at the factory or on ships?

They seem to be extra careful when closing the doors, if you see the video on YouTube.


There are only so many RF frequencies.
They're breeding smarter thieves.


I don't think it is an RF brute-force device because it didn't open both cars at the same time.


The guys that stole my '97 Lincoln Town Car Presidential Edition used 9mm semi-automatics. I found them very effective.


Not a broadband RF device, but something "tuneable".
Thieves used to break into houses using a garage door opener that had an adjustable tuning feature. There's a "magic" key device as well.

My best auto theft deterence device is a rusty 14 year old jeep with a factory radio.


What device do car thieves use? COWARDICE!


Haven't heard of that one. There are a million ways to get into a car. If I didn't have a conscience I'd be dangerous. I've broken into (with permission) dozens of cars over the years. I'm usually angry if it takes me more than 2 minutes.

Again, it's always been legal, a friend (or myself) locks their keys in or something.

Most of the time my leatherman and some patience will get in. I've used coat hangers with great luck. Tennis balls, screwdrivers, string, hacksaw blade with a notch taken out, the list goes on. Point being, it's a breeze to get into most cars. Some of the newer safety features are good at stopping people that aren't making a life of it, but obviously there's ways around those too.


I'd love to see how they're breaking into modern cars around here (with NO damage). Might give me a better chance of cathing them. When the public asks 'So how do they get in?' All I can say 'They wont let me do work experience to find out'.


Last time I had a car broken into it was a rock through the window. Baltimore crooks aren't that smart. These guys sound like pros who sell the cars to chop shops. Parted out cars are profitable.

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