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What Are You Reading Right Now?


Reading these two music books. The Joy Division one was absolutely fantastic. Moving. The New Order book - too much rock and roll sex/drugs lifestyle stories. I am not really interested in somebody else's debauchery.


Animal Farm

Watership Down, which I always read

Nine Years with The Indians

The Shack, which I should just finish the last handful of chapters, but I watched the movie which has slowed my interest.


I have a bucket list goal of reading the biographies of every United States President.

That's an interesting goal. Commendable.

Just curious (and I ain't looking to start no political brouhaha), would you read a Donald J. Trump biography?

– Spiritwalker

My wife's friend accomplished this.


Plain, Honest Men: The Making of the American Constitution This is a fantastic book that covers the points made at every angle vs. James Madison's published accounts(still very good but commentary from only one side).


Science Set Free: 10 Paths to New Discovery by Rupert Sheldrake


I came across this in Barnes and Noble and thought you all might want to see it. I hope the pictures are the right size.


For Olivia Anne!

– BrandyNicks

Thank you. Got to get that one, too.


Again, Dangerous Visions A compilation of "speculative fiction" edited by Harlan Ellison in 1972. I read Dangerous Visions last Spring.


The Wrecking Crew.


Ian Fleming's From Russia With Love. I've been working through the original Bond novels all summer and this is the next one up.


Access 2010: the Missing Manual. 'Course it's for work.


Louis L'amour's " The Lonesome Gods"


Tonight- Asimov. "Asimov's Guide To The Bible" , to be precise.

Always been curious about it, from a decidedly skeptical POV. He was a somewhat opinionated guy, after all. But he wrote well (and absurdly fast).

So I finally found a copy in a used bookstore a few months ago, and tonight I'm gonna start working my way through it.



Just finished reading this one today. I really dig Santana the Band, but after reading this I think Carlos the person is quite the egotistical space cadet Kook.

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