Miscellaneous Rumbles

What are you listening to right now?


The Scorpions - Animal Magnetism.


Nice Ojo...I have Harry's Carnegie Hall album on, 1955 I think, and it's Man Smart Woman Smarter at the moment. I looked and it's from '59.


'Guitars, Cadillacs' by Dwight Yoakam. I got a playlist from the band I've just joined and I'm trying to get my head round about 40 songs for Saturday.


The Neville Brothers - Valence Street


An ebay purchase turned up today, "In the court of the crimson king" King Crimson's first album from 1969. This was a big record for me when I was 12 & I've not heard it for 35 years,still sounds pretty good. Proteus will approve. Also Fleetwood Mac's greatest hits (with Peter Green of course, not that whispy bitch) And my audio technica headphones turned up, and my ultimate bottleneck. Today was like Christmas.


Marty Stuart - Hillbilly Rock


Marty is the man. I refuse to be pigeonholed ;-) ;-) Love me some hard rock but Marty can pick like no one else.


Dean Martin,How do you like your eggs in the morning.:D


Marty Stuart, Tear The Woodpile Down. (Again.)


Cello song by jose Gonzalez.. A great remake of the nick drake song


Your loss Tavo. But I getcha. I won't listen to Setzer until he stops wearing Disney's Haunted Mansion attendant clothes either. :P :P :P


Danny Baker - on the wonderful BBC London.

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