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What are you listening to right now??


Listening to a number of versions of "softly, as I leave you softly" trying to remember the one we listened to in the late 60s. The one my wife used to sing to the kids when she was trying to sneak out of their room quietly at bedtime!

Now she's in the hospital 45 miles away, and I imagine in my mind that she's singing it to me.

– F107plus5

I was just listening to "happy days are here again" played on Guitar, by......me! (trust me, nobody else wants ta hear it!)

Why that particular song? Cuz we just heard from the hospital, and my wife will be allowed home along about Wednesday if we continue to show no virus symptoms here at home after self-quarantine!

Having the Virus is what they were afraid of, of course, but none of us here at home have contacted the virus, and the wife had......good ol' Sepsis and Pneumonia! Happy Day!


Tom Petty "Leave Virginia alone" from the new Wildflowers (and all the rest) release. Tom had a way of painting a story rather than writing a story. I personally feel that there is not enough of that. There are many good writers, but not too many good painters. I miss Tom's guidance.


2 hours of Van Morrison on AXSTV Live at the San Francisco Jazz Center from 2018.


Wizzard - Introducing Eddie and the Falcons album,currently I Dun Lotsa Crying Over You.


This made my day.


This made my day.

– jeffed

And now it made mine. Thanks!


This thread gave me so many tracks for my playlist!

Now - Aidan Baker — See Through (Gizeh Records, 2019)


The Spaniels - Goodnight Sweetheart and other hits album.Currently I Like It Like That.


Sascha: that made my day too! There's something about a sassy trombone player.


The Seahorses - Do It Yourself album,their only album,currently 1999.


Cavern Club Liverpool live stream. Liverpool is really having a time with the COVID spread. They have such a concentration of artists, that they truly are having a tricky go at it. The Cavern just got a special bit of funding for something like "critical culture." So, Jon Keats and the folks at CCT have put their musicians back to work live streaming. It's a fun interruption in my work day for when it's their evening show I'm in the dead of my day. Have a look if you wish.Cavern Livestream>>>


How apt that I'm posting right after Olivia Anne:


How apt that I'm posting right after Olivia Anne:

– Parabar



John Mayall's Blues Breakers - Hard Road


Te Who---"Behind Blue Eyes" and "Baba O'Rielly" live.


I’m listening to Bill Jennings solo on Big Boy over and over in my head because I’ve been working it out. I can’t make it stop.


One of my all-time favorite albums:


The Seahorses - Do It Yourself album,their only album,currently 1999.

– JCHiggy

I don't know many people knowing this album! A couple of really good songs on it. And while John Squire's playing is absolutely fabulous, it's simply just too much here and there for me. Imagine being the singer and someone is noodling all the time. And I mean 'all the time'.


Nothing new...just:


Ozzy Osbourne - Ultimate Sin album ,currently Killer Of Giants .

Happy Birthday for yesterday Ozzy!


Something from the late 80s I haven't heard in a long time.

And a little bit of the almighty 'Head - Motorhead that is.

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