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What are you listening to right now??


Creedence with my coffee makes a good morning!


And for some positive uplift vibe


Yes - The Yes Album,currently The Clap.


I had heard The Doobie Brothers were reuniting and touring with Michael McDonald a while back.

I guess everything comes back around in time, ..but even 'yacht rock'? I wasn't a fan, sorry (not sorry).
The 'Doobie Brothers' I'll always love most is the earlier guitar-driven stuff. 'The Captain & Me' is still a rich listen.

I was glad when Tom Johnson rejoined the band, especially since it was virtually down to Pat Simmons being the only original member left. Johnson really brought a spark long absent.

They used to close with this number back in the day. Even the album version kicks ass, and it's great to see them lined up on stage decades later, throwing it down again.

.. And not a keyboard to be seen among the chorus.


I saw this cover band recently. They pretty good.


Posies "Ontario" - mid-90s glorious melodic guitar pop w/ an edge


Still on the Yes catalogue,currently Magnification album, track 2 Spirit of Survival.


Right now I am digging two bands - Death Valley Girls and L.A. Witch. I don't know how to do links yet, otherwise I'd give some links to YouTube.

Death Valley Girls are favored by Iggy Pop, and I can see why. They play something that I would have to call psychedelic garage rock with post-punk influences. Their singer, Bonnie Bloomgarden, would be an acquired taste for some, as she takes her cues from Siouxie and Patti Smith, but it works good for me. Their guitar player Larry Schemel is demonic, with a fuzzed-out Telecaster sound that recalls Ron Asheton and Syd Barrett simultaneously. The singer does double duty on Vox Continental organ for that 60s vibe. The bass player is solid and the drummer is awesome. Their subject matter is macabre and weird, as one would expect, but in spite of all the black mascara they are a lot of fun to listen to and I like 'em.

The other band, L.A. Witch, is all female. They sound like the offspring of Nico, Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star, the Velvet Underground and surf music. In other words, slow, creepy and weird, with tons of reverb on the guitar and vocals that are half sung/spoken, songs about stealing your boyfriend's car, unrequited love/hate, Brian Jones and killing said boyfriend if he doesn't get home soon. The atmosphere is late at night, too late, way too late, doing bad, bad things. Bassist Irita Pai lays down some of the thickest bass I have ever heard courtesy of Fender Mustang bass with flatwound strings. Drummer Ellie English makes heavy BOOM sounds. I love it.

Gretsch connection: the guitarist for LA Witch, Sade Sanchez, did play a Gretsch...but lamentably somebody stole it.


@ Happydog - simply copy a URL (web address), and paste it into your post.

Like so . . . an instrumental cover of a traditional Scottish/Irish folk tune, by one of my favorite tele players.


Random Paul Revere and the Raiders songs. So yeah, I have been watching Tarantino's "Once Upon a Time...... In Hollywood" a lot recently.


The Chantays - Waiting For The Tide album,currently Descanso Daze.


A Ramones song that doesn't get airplay. Love this song. End Of The Century is a great album too.


X - Wild Gift album


Gogol Bordello---"Wanderlust King"


X - Hey Zeus! album,currently New Life.


On the new X album now Alphabetland,currently track 7 ,Star Chambered.

Its good,you should go get it.


Martin Denny - the Father of Exotica.


A huge find has been Jerry Byrd - lap steel player formerly of Hank Williams recording and touring group who had pioneered Hawaiian and country lap steel music in the '40's. In my curiosity of "Exotica" I found this guy on Pandora Radio and it is an instrumental lap steel lovers dream. If you get a chance and have Pandora or another platform like that try this "station" because it is the bomb.


J P Sousa's "Stars and Stripes Forever"---USMC Band


Faultless commercial hit from 1978 -

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