Miscellaneous Rumbles

What are you listening to right now??


The last two...

Chet Atkins - Stay Tuned

Linda Ronstadt - Greatest Hits


Got that CD today. "You ain't the problem" caught my ear on the radio. I'll give the rest a listen tomorrow.


Teenage Fanclub - Thirteen album,currently 120 Mins.


I've been testing out the 2 Tascam machines I bought for my birthday last month...been waiting until the Warranty commences with AllState Square Trade.

First...my recording of Tapes and LP's from the 70's and 80's are far superior to Pre-Recorded Commercial tapes.

Second...using the Mixer Controls and the Normal Speed on the Tascam is a great Sound.

Better than my most recent Tascam A580 CD/Tape Machine. Times change...

Right Now....Ian Hunter's first Solo Album, as well as Mott the Hoople's "All the Young Dudes"...HA!

Sounds great...send your Digital, High Tech, supposedly Superior tones into your own self-convinced little WORLD!

I played Chet's Christmas Hoilday tape earlier to figure out all the knobs and sliders...less than spectacular recording...even if I might say Ian mixed his first solo Album a bit late on the sliders...

Exploding guitars, Bass, etc...but, still a great effort!


Now the Doobies...

"Living on the Fault Line..."

Tascam...one of the best...I hope it lasts....


Cosmic Rough Riders - Too Close To See Far album,currently Life In Wartime.


“Poor boy” Nick Drake.


Eddi Reader - Angels and Electricity album,currently Please Don't Ask Me To Dance.


The Move - Here We Go Round The Lemon Tree


Bob Rivers: Chipmunks Roasting On An Open Fire


on a Melbourne summer day predicted to reach 43 - 44 degrees C (111 F)


I like to listen to Tony Joe White. May he Rest In Peace. His music lives on. I also like Walter Parks and Swamp Cabbage.


Jim Reeves Christmas has just finished and it's now Joel Paterson Hi Fi Christmas Guitar.


Barcelona Gypsy Klezmer Orchestra---"Djelem, Djelem"


My daughter sent me this to give a listen... Delicate Steve doing White Christmas.


Also been listening to Keb' Mo's new Christmas Album. This song's been sticking in my head..

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