Miscellaneous Rumbles

What are you listening to right now??


R.L. Burnside - "See My Jumper Hanging On the Line"


James Brown, I was lucky enough to see him in his prime. A great showman. Saw him in Vietnam, in fact the night he put on a show in An Khe, there was a rocket attack and the show was stopped.


"Down the Road Wherever" - Mark Knopfler


Tom Petty influence?


That was badass, Manny!


Blues Traveler's "Run Around." In my head. For the last two weeks, constantly. God, please make it stop. I have no idea where I get them. Probably heard it at the grocery store or pumping gas or something. "The Power of Love" snuck in there for a few hours last week, but it didn't last long.


Same here. Every morning I wake up with something new, usually old, going 'round 'n' 'round in my brain like a broken record. If it's not that, then everything my lady friend says is a cue to another obsessive song. Music can be both a blessing and a curse. LOL


Surf Coasters.....HANG!!


An "Only in the Bay Area" phenomenon. Mickey Hart's first solo album, featuring members of all the major SF bands of the day (Dead, Airplane, Quicksilver, Big Brother, Sly & the Family Stone, Barry "the Fish" Melton, Sons of Champlin, Tower of Power horns) with Zakir Hussain on tabla, Carmelo Garcia on timbales. Eclectic and weird, with some awesome moments.

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