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What are you listening to right now??


Chuck Berry - Big Boys


Van Morrison with Joey DeFrancesco on AXS "Live at the San Francisco Jazz Center"

Awesome stuff! At 72, Van is in fine voice and looks like he's digging performing with a KILLER band. There have been some shows not so long ago where Van seemed cranky and grouchy and like he would rather have been anywhere else. This one shows why he's still vital and relevant.

Oh, and if you don't know Joey, he is a baaaaaaaaad mutha, singing and playing trumpet as well as being perhaps the greatest living jazz organist.


Till the End of the Day - The Kinks On the set list for Cavestock coming up in 2 weeks.


Produced by Herbie Hancock, several songs co-written with Egberto Gismonti, who also plays a bunch of instruments on the album. Also features guitarist David Amaro, Wayne Shorter and Flora Purim.


Dio - Holy Diver album,currently Straight Through The Heart.


Earliest influencer, the incomparable Mahalia Jackson:


Donovan, Catch the Wind


Announcements on the loudspeakers at Stockholm Central Station saying that the trains going north aren't going to go in a long while because of an electrical problem somewhere. Been listening to the same announcements for the past two hours. Another fantastic day to be a train commuter ...


Still listening to the same announcements. Bloody hopeless situation.


In a taxi now. Someone at the train company should resign. Probably all of them should. Really pissed off now.


Now listen to me. Should you ever go to Sweden don't travel by train here. You don't want to experience that. Unless you love arriving hours too late and being treated worse than cattle. One and a half hours in a taxi to get to work today instead of 30 minutes on the train.


According to a news story over here on the BBC, Japanese railways have just issued an apology to passengers because a train departed 25 seconds early! No kidding.

I'm listening to some endless moronic loop of electronic tripe while waiting to speak to someone at my telephone/internet provider. Every 30 seconds I get the message: "All our team are busy at the moment but your call will be dealt with as soon as possible blah blah blah....". Yeah, right.


I'm listening to Tool and Soundgarden, sprinkled in with a little bit of Nirvana.



Thanks Dave K! I found the BBC news story. Very amusing. Such big differences in different parts of the world, even between industrial countries! Listening to Fapy Lafertin with Le Jazz (British band) and trying to forget.


Being a reverse-retro kind of a guy, I surprised myself when this old tune popped into my head. Lightweight but infectious. (Gretsch content)


Being a reverse-retro kind of a guy, I surprised myself when this old tune popped into my head. Lightweight but infectious. (Gretsch content)

– jeffed

...and then he redeems himself by posting this... ...simultaneously pissing off folks by referring to himself in the third person.


George--Blood from a Clone. Wonderfully bit off kilter musical frolic

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